Answers, Part XIV (corrected)

It seems like I’m good for one of these a week where i forget to post the answers under the headline. Anyway, sorry aobut that. Here is the 14th set of answers:

*I hope this was good for everyone. I thought the questions were much better this week than in previous weeks.
Don’t forget, I will do a chat during Saturday’s basketball game against Stanford. The chat will begin at 12:30 p.m.

Do readers approach you at games? How do you feel about that?
Yes, some do, and they are always very cordial. I like meeting new people.

One of these days, could you ask Bruin football fans on this blog to suggest ways we as fans can support our team (aside from buying season tickets and donating money)?
I’m not sure what you mean.

In your opinon who would be more likely to switch back/switch to the Bruins. Hasiak or Gray?

What I seemed to get from your Jrue Holiday story a couple of weeks ago is that there’s a very good chance Jrue will be back next year. Seriously, what do you think? Do you really believe he will be back, or is he going pro?
I think he leaves because he will still be a top 10 pick because of his ability and potential, even if that has not showed up on the court in an easily visible manner. I’m not saying he will leave, but I think the guaranteed millions is too much to pass up when returning for another year at school won’t create that big of a jump in pay.

Howland at all concerned that reeves nelson won’t be the same player he recruited after his injury?
Not to my knowledge. UCLA keeps hearing Nelson will make a 100 percent recovery.

During the Dorrell years, you thought UCLA players were in the middle of the pack as far as working on football while not in practice – have you noticed an increased level in the Neuheisel’s first year?
Too early for me to tell. The offseason workouts began less than a month ago.

You mentioned that during games this past season, WRs were running wrong routes during games – do you think this is a result of not working hard enough or because it was the first year with a new playbook?
Both. And by running wrong routes, that could mean a move was to be made 10 yards down the field and the receiver made the move at eight yards, or 12 yards.

After beating Cal, is UCLA back in the driver’s seat for the Pac 10 championship? (Did it ever even relinquish the driver’s seat?)
Never. I thought Washington would lose at least one game during its trip to the Arizona schools. And UCLA did begin the Pac-10 with five of seven games on the road. So, to answer your question, I always thought (and still do) UCLA is the team to beat.

What do you think is going on with Jrue Holiday? He’s been getting in foul trouble and seems to disappear sometimes. Was I unfairly expecting an offensive juggernaut to complement Collison?
I think many of us were expecting more scoring from Holiday, but that is not the style of his game. I think Holiday’s value needs to be viewed over 94 feet on the court, meaning his defense, his rebounding, his instincts and his passing ability.

Do you think the student section yelling RIGHT before CAL players shot a free throw affected their shot?
Man, I would hope not. That would not be good for a team to be that mentally weak that people yelling would make them miss.

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  • VB

    It’s not the students making the player miss.. It’s Mark Kowal…

    And Dohn, you say “UCLA is the team to beat.” But you specifically said in one of the other segments that “Washington had better players on the court.” Wouldn’t that make them the team to beat?

  • Anonymous

    If Reeves Nelson isn’t 100% right now then UCLA should be very excited since he scored 37 points and had 23 rebounds in one game last week.

  • Brian Dohn


    Washington did have better players on the court, but over the long haul it is also important to have someone very good coaching them.