“Give credit to us”

UCLA point guard Darren Collison was asked if the blowout wins against Cal and Stanford was a product of the Bruins playing better, or Cal and Stanford not being very good.
“Cal was at the top of the Pac-10 and they beat Washington at Washington, which is very hard to do,” Collison said. “If Cal would have (beaten UCLA), everybody would have been talking about Cal. Stanford is good, too.
“I think it’s more of how we’re playing on the defensive end. You have to give credit to us sometimes.”

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  • doug4ucla

    3 things:
    2. BIG 22 Gets more playing time?
    3. I sold my old car during halftime.

    Thanks Bruins

  • John

    Darren, and the entire team played impressively this weekend. I can’t agree more with Mr. Collison’s comments…these young men, and all of our student athletes, present our University in the best possible light. They deserve credit, congratulations, and our thanks for carrying on the tradition of athletic excellence at UCLA!

  • SeattleBrewin

    1 more thing
    Jrue is coming into his own. Did you see how he filled up the stat line? Team leader (or tied for lead) in points, rebounds, assists and steals.

  • PointSpreadBruin

    Credit the basketball team for serving court this weekend. This UCLA basketball team still has NOT played its best game yet. Heaven forbid our men’s basketball team doing something like THIS on the way to March Madness:


  • Locoweed

    Bruin Amigos,

    Do not get overly excited about your victories over the Commie Bears of Berkeley and the Dried Up Christmas Trees. Our Trojan Basketball Warriors also defeated them, and they did it with a one legged Dwight Lewis and with Taj Gibson and Daniel Hacket practically on their deathbeads with pneumonia and the flu. Even Little Romeo got to touch the ball tonight.

    Locoweed still sees you winning the Pac-10, but final four timber you are not. See you on Wednesday.


  • doug4ucla

    Locoweed….WHAT ARE YOU SAYING????? Talk to you late WED

  • bruinfan319

    Locoweed…USC beat Stanford by 1 point. We beat them by 34. See you Wednesday

  • Locoweed

    Bruin Amigos,

    I am not disputing the preeminence and pure awesomeness of your basketball team within the confines of our little Pac-10 fishbowl. It is worth mentioning that it would be a minor miracle if we manage to keep it within 10 points on Wednesday. We freely admit that we are not great at defending the perimeter, we have only one decent shooter (a one legged one at that), and our young-uns are prone to turnovers.

    What I mean is that we beat (yes, barely) the Dried up Christmas Trees with a bunch of scrubs and softened them up (or more accurately, ripped their hearts out) for you. Therefore stomping on a that sad pile of needles, tinsel, and broken ornaments (by +34) only represents meeting minimum expectations, n’est-ce pas? We deserve a hearty thank you for the assist! And we thank you for demoralizing the Commie Bears of Berkeley, and allowing Mr. Little Romeo to touch the ball.

    You will win our little fishbowl, congratulations! We admire Mr. Collison and appreciate his pointed comments. Unfortunately, come Tournament time… well, we all know how that story ends.


  • Watty

    Based on recent history, that story ends with an SC whimper and a UCLA Final Four.

    Your point?

  • Locoweed

    Oooh… snap! You got me amigo, you are so smart! It is just that I got distracted by that slogan of yours; you know… “Champions Made Here.” I didn’t realize it only applies to ladies sports.

    See you on Wednesday compadres!

  • Watty

    UCLA total NCAA national titles: 103 (71 Mens / 32 Womens)

    You’re not distracted, you just don’t know what you’re talking about.