Making the grade

Forgot to mention this the other day, but from what I understand all but one member of UCLA’s recruiting class has preliminarily made it through admissions. And, no, I don’t feel comfortable singling that player out.
Also, it is my understanding Los Angeles Cathedral receiver Randall Carroll made it through admissions. UCLA continues to recruit Carroll even though sources are saying USC coach Pete Carroll went a long way in patching things up with Randall last week.

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  • Thymoid


    Is there still hope that this player can improve his grades this semester and be admitted? Or can he retake the SAT or ACT?

    Or will this guy simply look elsewhere?

  • Peter

    Is there a chance this person will eventually qualify? Or is he definitely out?

  • The Ghost of VB’s Cat

    Is there a chance this players grandmother drives a Subaru?

  • BruinJigs

    it is of my knowing that Carroll was at UCLA today.

  • EXbruins

    Can’t confirm Carrolls presence but I can say that I saw tepa and thigpen with the families and coach Neu at the game.

    Brian, can you please let us know if the one player who didn’t qualify will be able to change that status? Thanks

  • Brian Dohn

    The player has plenty of time to make up the academic shortfall.

  • BruinChick

    It’s so frustrating to see academic problems keeping athletes out of UCLA. My best friend tutored the USC football team, and I saw some of their papers. My 9 year old cousin can write better than some of them.