UCLA rolls

Darren Collison, Alfred Aboya and Jrue Holiday each scored 15 points as No. 17 UCLA pounded Stanford 97-63 Saturday at Pauley Pavilion.
It is the most points scored by the Bruins in a Pac-10 game in coach Ben Howland’s six seasons. The previous high was in a 96-74 win against Washington on Dec. 31, 2006.
UCLA shot 63.3 percent from the field, and was 11 for 15 from 3-point range.

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  • awesomebruin

    a great win and a significant step in the right direction. i asked dohn in chat if ucla is really this good, or does stanford suck this bad…and his reply was that stanford is not good.

    but still, i feel like howland is reading my posts or something…cuz i called for things like backdoor cuts, and shipp executed at least a couple…and i called for some hi-low action for alfred (or bobo) and it happened!! its like alfred took it personal that everyone was saying ucla has no inside presence. awesome game for him and DC and really everyone. i also called for more PT for the freshmen, and theyre getting it. i just wish bobo would get more PT man, he proved himself out there, did u see that BEAUTIFUL hook shot??? i also called for set plays that start early in the shot clock, and they were doing it! i feel like its Christmas and im getting everything that i wanted!! whew i better calm down lol.

    see what happens when u have howland’s D, but couple that with good O? thats what we all want. they didnt pass it around the perimeter and heave up a last second prayer all game!! good aggression and control.

    i know these bay teams suck hardcore and we cant gauge our tourney success based on the down pac-10, but still, im really excited now, and am very hopeful. if the freshmen continue to develop, we’re going to be dangerous. keep going forward howland!

    go bruinz!!

    p.s. gordon is gonna to be our new DUNKenmaster fo sho

  • lompocjr

    awsomebruin, Don’t think you were the only one praying for ALL THAT STUFF, most bruin fans were with you.

  • SeattleBrewin

    Cal and Furd at home.
    Just what the doctor ordered.