Neuheisel on 2010

UCLA football coach Rick Neuheisel said the Bruins were well ahead of last year’s pace when it came to the 2010 class, and offering recruits. The Bruins have more than 20 offers out to high school juniors.
He acknowledged how different it is now compared to when he coached at Colorado and Washington.
“That’s part of the deal,” he said. “You’ve got to accept it, and that’s fine. We’re much further along than we were a year ago. Much further along.”

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  • Anonymous

    Offers to Juniors? I guess it’s good to see Neuheisel has eliminated the facade of “student” athlete.

  • Bruin Corpse-Seller

    “now compared to when he coached at Colorado and Washington”

    Translation: “When his gambling addiction wasn’t so jarringly transparent.”

    4-8 = Lose forever

  • Bruin Corpse-Seller

    “now compared to when he coached at Colorado and Washington”

    Translation: “When his gambling addiction wasn’t so jarringly transparent.”

    4-8 = Lose forever

  • boelterbruin

    glad to see that a 40k/year education showed you how to push the “Submit” button only once.

  • osezno

    So first the Te’o/Toma package debacle, then trying to squeeze Lester White into school and now offering high school juniors.

    UCLA has officially disregarded the “student” half of student-athlete.

  • Fan4Life

    “It’s Division 1 football! It’s the Pac 10! It ain’t intramurals! You got the Ducks, Bears, Devils, Beavers and Trojans! Those schools aren’t concerned with student-athletes! And you’re bummed that UCLA offers a high school junior? Go follow intramurals, brother. Go follow intramurals.”

  • Anonymous

    USC = “I’m Jealous that UCLA is the 30th ranked school in the world while USC is ranked 102nd.”

  • Bruins095

    lol, just too damn funny coming from hypocritical trojans. Half of your football team and other “student” athletes have no business being in a junior college. Have you heard these idiots speak? Joe McKnight can barely put a sentence together. It just takes money, ask Reggie Bush, OJ Mayo and half of your student body. The most overpriced, overrated education in the country. I guess your athletes are already in a junior college.

    Teo dissed sc, chose a school that can offer a solid education and culture of class. Regarding packages, UCLA doesn’t need to include rappers in order to get their targeted recruits. Trojans clinging to what little they can find compared to endless cheating, corruption and police blotter. Thug U.

    You can’t spell Trojan without O.J.

  • osezno

    Joe McKnight put a complete sentence together? When did this happen?

  • BruinChick

    I’ve read “papers” written by former USC football players. No joke, my 9 year old cousin can write better.

  • The Don Key

    The Donkey is disconcerted by osezno’s comment. Obviously Mr. Neuheisel has offered High School Juniors. If The Donkey’s math is correct that would mean that these said Juniors will be Seniors next year. If The Donkey’s counting is correct that previously mentioned year will be 2010.

    The Donkey asserts that ucla is doing a stupendous job in getting ahead for next year’s class. Incontestably Mr. Neuheisel has shown he can deliver when called upon to net a good recruiting class. The Trojans of USC must now respond.

  • Bruins095

    I said a sentence, not gibberish. Bush told him how easy it is. You get paid and don’t have to crack a book. Don’t worry if you can’t read or write.

  • RodneyGuillory

    Great posts Bruins095. Well said!

    The RodneyGuillory also has to say that he was impressed that the Donkey didn’t try to bash UCLA in his posts. The RodneyGuillory thinks the Donkey hasn’t quite reached LAWYERJOHN potential, however the RodneyGuillory looks forward to future Donkey posts. The RodneyGuillory further ponders why the UCLA blog is more friendly to SUC fans than the SUC blog is to UCLA fans.


  • The Don Key

    The Donkey wonders why Rodney Guillory continuously posted The in front of his name. The Donkey believes that speaking in that kind of form diminishes from the post in general.

    God Bless

  • Los Angeles Sucks

    As an LSU fan I was curious how Rodney Guillory even had an opinion here. This topic is football. Wasn’t he a basketball runner like the white guy who buys pot for the SC basketball team?

  • UVD


    you might want to educate yourself a bit on how recruiting works. every school in the country has an offer out on the table for a high school junior. and a lot of them have an offer for high school sophmores also, including your beloved U$C

  • Javy

    Matt Leinart was a great public speaker!

    Oh wait a minute… no he wasnt. Polamalu doesnt stop to breathe when he speaks.

  • cv

    How easy it is? That is the same thing Brian Price tells all the recruits. Touting an undergard degree from UCLA over any other school is a joke, it is hardly worth the paper it is printed on.

  • Jewin

    Brian Price tells all the recruits how easy it is? You sound like Kenny, making up unsubstantiated accusations. By the way, my undergrad degree from UCLA is priceless. The bitterness displayed by justsc is hilarious. I guess I’d be bitter too if I was rejected by UCLA and had to go to my Second Choice “school.” I know a guy who grew up a UCLA fan, but ended up going to suc for both undergrad and law school and is now a huge suc fan. I asked him why he was so anti-UCLA, and he told me that it was hard to continue liking a school after being rejected by them twice. I guess it makes sense … I just can’t relate because I was fortunate enough to go to my dream school.

  • Ozzie

    The truth is, both Universities are wonderful and both provide the opportunity for a great education if one is willing to seek it. However, I think it is in bad case to mock players of either school who are failed by their environment. An environment that promotes hard work on the fields and shortcuts in the classrooms.

    Now USC could do better, but so can we.

  • Anonymous

    Objective question: How many times have you heard someone say, “I went to USC because I didn’t get into UCLA”? How about, “I went to UCLA because I didn’t get into USC”?

    For me, I’ve heard the former countless times, but I have NEVER heard of ANYONE EVER saying the latter.

  • PUSC 3


    I’ve got 3 buddies that went to suc because they couldn’t get into UCLA. But they are still die hard Bruin fans that read and participate on this blog.

  • Jewin

    That’s very cool.

  • UB (Ultimate Bruin)

    Holy Smoke! I went to UCLA because it is an outstanding institution of higher learning. I never applied to SUC. Wouldn’t go there if I were accepted. Wouldn’t apply to save my left nad. In fact, I had a chance to transfer to SUC after my first year of law school. Never gave it a second thought.

    SUC (sic) in se malum est.

  • UVD

    thats why you are the ULTIMATE BRUIN!

  • Sam Gilbert

    Wow, a lot of displaced anger here.

    If we can all calm down for a minute let’s think about it. We all went to college to prepare for our chosen professions, that’s exactly what the players are doing. But a player isn’t planning to work at a desk, his office is going to be on the field.
    So maybe their degree says “Sociology” or “Economics” but it really should just say “Athletics.”

    And for that they should be respected, they worked just as hard as the rest of us for their education.