Throwback talk

UCLA is contemplating the idea of wearing a throwback uniform for a game in the 2009 season, and right now the throwback being discussed goes back to the Gary Beban era.
It is a light blue jersey with a pair of white stripes on the shoulders and white numerals. UCLA wore plain gold helmets.
The target for throwback day is UCLA’s homecoming game, which would allow the school to celebrate the program’s history.
Beban played at UCLA in the mid 1960s, and won the Heisman Trophy in 1967.

i-cdae42089633c21ab28c8a25c83700e1-Beban photo.jpg
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  • BruinChick


  • Nathan Exp

    Awesome! This has been on my wish list for years. Thanks CRN and DG.

  • alxandr

    I LIKE IT!!

  • so west Coast

    that’d be sick, dude…

  • RunTravelerRun

    Losing is a “throwback” uniform is still losing…

  • amm

    i love exploring and honoring the past

  • BruinGirl

    Great idea!

  • bruinmanny

    This would be friggin awesome . It is about time . A great idea ! I am all for it ! Let’s get it done !

  • ucla84

    Count this as one vote against. I remember Coach Wooden being very unimpressed with the black basketball uniforms that Lavin let the team wear. His point was that, when representing the school, you should always wear the school colors.

    Coach was right. We have no need to join a trend that started solely as an excuse to try to sell more team gear.

  • Jay

    ucla84- I get your point, but they will still be wearing the school colors with this throwback. This is not some attempt to be “cool”, it is honoring the past, which is why they are doing it on homecoming. I think this would be AWESOME.

    Question for Dohn- What color pants???? Grey like in the pic?

  • Anonymous

    Loves it!

  • DoubleBruin


    The throwbacks are still school colors. I’m OK with them as long as we don’t permanently change our uniforms. I love the improvements made over the years.

  • UCLA Tripod

    Sarcasm works best when it makes sense traveler…

    Are those grey pants or what on those uniforms?

  • etrain

    The brownish-gray pants are pretty ugly, but other than that I like it.

  • BruinChick

    I think the pants were gold.

  • BruinGuy

    Damn. I smell a ticket price increase to buy expensive uniforms and helmets for one game. Damn, damn, damn.

  • Paco Rabanne

    Brian, are they going to make some of these available for purchase at the Adidas tent?

  • BruinBrock

    I think it’s a freaking awesome idea! Count me in as all for it. BTW, anyone know who we’re playing homecoming week?

  • ucla84

    I don’t concur that the throwbacks are school colors. The jersey, which has been blue and gold for a long, long time is blue and white – it just doesn’t say UCLA to me at all. I love the idea of honoring our past, but isn’t there a better way to do it?

  • Me

    Can we be guaranteed that whoever the QB is will play like the great Gary Beban?

  • Huitzilopochtli

    This would be cool.

    Regarding the current uniforms; I like them but would like one change…

    I think that the blue letters on the helmet should match the blue on the jerseys.


    This is a brilliant. I suggest that the 1967 Cheerleaders also be called up for this game, too. Oh wait, they already have Geoff Strand suiting up at every game with his 1967 sweater. Cheers!



    Gary Beban STOLE the Heisman Trophy from OJ Simpson back in 1967.


  • BruinChick

    HAHAHAHAHA. That’s irony.

  • pxcasey

    There’s no way Beban stole it. OJ would’ve killed him if he did.

  • jdoggbruin

    lucky for gary oj is behind bars. we all know what oj does to retrieve his “stolen” belongings/memorabilia.

  • Fan4Life

    Since LJ is lobbing up softballs to the plate…

    LJ, you think OJ would have killed for the 67 Heisman?

  • RodneyGuillory

    I agree LAWYER JOHN – Geoff Strand seems to be holding on. We’ve discussed on this blog about how to get rid of him but then whenever its brought up, some old season ticket says, “If Geoff goes, so do my season tickets” and the Ath Dept. re-thinks it. What those old time season ticket holders dont’ know is how it is roudy all the time at other stadiums.

    (Scary when I’m referencing something written by VB)

  • ucla84

    —>”we all know what oj does to retrieve his “stolen” belongings/memorabilia.”<--- JDogg wins.

  • BruinGirl

    I have to sit in his section and am no fan of Geoff, he wears very thin very quickly, every game, every year.

  • BruinChick

    I think Geoff’s great.

  • Anonymous

    I love the fake Lawyer John, it’s even better that the real one hates him.

  • UB (Ultimate Bruin)

    Actually, Rodney, you are safe! The article you reference was written by UB (that’s me) and NOT VB.

    And yes, Geoff Strand has heart, but his utility has worn VERY thin. I believe we would all be better served by allowing the students to resume their rightful role in leading cheers at the Rose Bowl.

    I am a 1979 grad — and Wooden Athletic Fund donor. I sit in tunnel 19, about mid-field on the press box side. If I sat in the alumni section and had to endure Geoff all game long — or watch on TV — I’d still go to the games, but I’d be pretty annoyed!

    Still, his legs ARE better than most SUC song girls.

  • BruinsB

    I love the fake Lawyer John, especially since the real one hates him.

  • pr

    I have sat in Sec 2 for 5 years now. I like Jeff, but feel he needs to be moved to the westside of the stadium with the rest of the old farts. Let him annoy the hell out of the opposing team and “book” club bruins.

  • UB (Ultimate Bruin)

    No way, PR, keep him away for Tunnel 19!

  • Ri-L

    As long as we’re throwing around credentials… I graduated in 1982 and bought season tix in Section 2 until my kids were just too busy on Saturdays (AYSO – All Your Saturdays Occupied). We loved Geoff way back then. When we got our Saturdays back, we bought in Section 3 so that we could still be near the Alumni Section and cheer with Geoff. Now that we’ve upped our donation level, we’re hoping to move in a little more. But we’re not leaving the side of the field that has the real fans! You’ll never catch me sitting on under the press boxes with all the old codgers and band wagon fans. Come on over the to real side, brave the heat and cheer for real with every man, woman and child!

  • The UCLA mini helmet fka VB’s Office Plant

    VB Posse representing

    As an inanimate object I could not attend classes but I spent three months in the bookstore watching game replays on a continuous loop. If I ever get near Geoff Strand I will bust a cap in his A__.

  • doug4ucla

    I was at the Rose bowl the day they beat Michigan State. My neighbor took me and a friend (8th grade), been a BRUIN FAN since. Love to see the uniforms come back.

  • UB (Ultimate Bruin)

    Ri-L: Not every one on the Press Box side is an “Old Codger” or a “Band Wagon” fan. We carry the dead wood along on the “codger” side of the field. Screw the heat. We sit in the shade and avoid heat stroke. We yell on EVERY defensive down, not just third down. We yell at our fellow ‘wallet’ alumni to put down the oxygen mask, stow the mentholatum, and get off their butts. You can keep Geoff in tunnels 2 and 3. We relinquish our right to have him come over to the shady press box side of the RB.

  • osezno

    This post has drifted so far from the topic…

  • Ri-L

    UB: Yes, they are (old codgers and bandwagoners). It’s just the way it is. šŸ™‚ And I’m glad you don’t want Geoff over there, we’ll keep him and the other Yell leaders and the song girls and even the old chick with the cowboy hat! And the alumni band, and the real band – oh.. and the team too…. the east side *is* the UCLA side of the field.

  • florida son

    I am visiting from Florida when I happened on your blog and checked for football news, and what I am reading says it all about ucla football, a diatribe and debate over who sits in the “better” or “truer” side of the stadium for games, how you can get the throwback uniforms from the “aididas tent”, I mean c’mon, is it all about image and posturing to you people. The first comment from bruinchick says everything one needs to know about ucla football, “adorable”, yeah that sure sounds like a tough football team…

  • osezno

    I do love the fake Lawyer John though.

  • awesomebruin

    stamp this idea: “AWESOME”

    this is a neu era for bruin football, im loving it =)

  • Nick Marquez

    Florida son just nailed it…..are you guys really arguing over who sits in the better section of the stadium? I’ve been to every stadium in the pac 10, and the rose bowl is hands down the lamest experience I’ve had…followed by Cal. Gotta love the fact that ya’ll are so juiced to change up your uni’s…..leave that to the guys who do it right….The Oregon Ducks! and stay out of Autzen…..the best stadium in all the land… might go deaf


    I wish oregon state and more schools would do things like this to help honor the heritage of the respective schools. good call, ucla

  • Is this the new Monopoly outfit?