UCLA and NCAA seedings

I have a feeling UCLA’s seeding in the NCAA Tournament may become a hot topic soon, so I figured I would address it.
I talked some colleagues and college administrators and coaches around the country in the last week, and most of them see UCLA being no higher than No. 4 seed, at best, in the NCAA Tournament. And that is if UCLA finishes strong and wins the Pacific-10.
Here’s why:
UCLA doesn’t have any big-time road wins, and two of its losses (Michigan and Texas) are to teams not playing well right now. Also, it is a down year for the Pac-10, so the opportunity for big road wins are gone.
Right now, UCLA’s best win is arguably against California. It’s RPI is 26th, according to today’s rankings from the NCAA.
The non-conference schedule has not helped, and even UCLA’s supposed marquee non-conference games are hurting the RPI. Texas (45th) and Notre Dame (78th) are much lower than anticipated, and DePaul (199th) is embarrassingly low.