White’s timetable

I was told today it could be some time before UCLA knows if recent commit Lester White, a safety from Riverside North, will be admitted for the 2009 class. First, he must get a qualifying test score, then get his transcripts to UCLA before his information is brought to the admissions folks.
I was told it is likely be a grey shirt and enroll in January 2010, but “never say never.”

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  • BruinJigs

    I think he comes in 2010. I wish the staff would have saved the scholarship for next years class, as the 2010 class of California prospects has the makings to be special.

    I thought the coaching staff made up their mind as to which safety, McKay or White, they wanted by extending an offer to Mckay and taking his verbal commitment. Both have promising upsides, but you have to make tough decisions on the recruiting trail as a coach and turning one away, although tough, may have been the better path to take.

    Nonetheless, I look forward to seeing Lester White at UCLA.

  • BruinChick

    If he doesn’t come in this year, don’t we keep the scholarship?

  • osezno

    What test score is the minimum to qualify?