Interview time?

I’m hearing former UCLA and Dallas Cowboys safety James Washington could interview for the vacant assistants position in the secondary this week.

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  • williscop

    I think he could be HUGE for recruiting the inner city kids.

  • Tony

    I agree, with Chow, Bullough, Lake, and Washington all on the coaching staff, LA would belong to UCLA again

  • tapptout

    Im all for James but i think we need at least 1 coach with coaching experience in the secondary….

  • doug4ucla

    Coaching Experience? My God does anybody remember JW’s playing days …the boy was an ANIMAL…..enough said

  • Anon

    Coaching is overrated. Look at $uc. It’s all about recruiting and effort. Both which JW will bring.


    Anon = Steve Lavin

  • Anonymous

    he has coching experience. junior college i believe

  • Sam Gilbert

    Recruiting is a huge part of college football, it’s important that UCLA gets some solid recruiters in before Chow’s departure in 2010.

  • Blue Bruin

    Dorrell vowed to bring in former players and restore some tradition, but he never quite pulled it off. See Ken Norton Jr. as exhibit A. I think with Lake and Washington Neuheisal is following through on it

  • cv

    Getting good coaches is not a problem for UCLA, it is retaining good coaches.

  • barrya

    playing is playing; coaching is coaching. How many truly GREAT college players – hall of famers – became also hall of fame coaches? John Wooden. Wilkins if you count the pros. That’s it. The POINT is to get the best COACH you can find, NOT to hire the best former Bruin you can find. Wooden wasn’t a Bruin until we HIRED him, neither was Vermiel, or Red Sanders. I just hope James is a great COACH if CRN decides to hire him – to go along with Coach Lake.

  • RSM Greg

    Here is some great information about James’ charitable foundation: I think he will bring some real fire and energy to both the practice field and the sideline.

  • Blue Badge

    “I agree, with Chow, Bullough, Lake, and Washington all on the coaching staff, LA would belong to UCLA again”

    Only if he’s bringing hallucinogens with him.

  • Sproul Hall Ghost

    Is this guy a good enough communicator? He did commentary on some UCLA football broadcasts, and as a UCLA grad, I winced at his grammar and found him to be inarticulate. Doesm’t one need to be a good communicator to be an effective teacher at this level?

  • VB

    Thank God. I was getting sick of seeing J-Dub butcher FSN broadcasting.

  • Fan4Life

    This is a no brainer. He has NFL cred, SB rings, and deep ties to the LA community.

    He helped out Chris Horton on his own time. He wasn’t getting paid but saw a player who was struggling and helped. Horton was a 7th rounder who became a starter.

    He a passion for UCLA football that goes beyond sucking down hot dogs tailgating at the Rose Bowl.

    Get James on board and get ready for Spring football.