Night Owl Special (Hundley DB coach)

I am reporting for Monday’s paper that SMU assistant head coach Tim Hundley will be UCLA’s new secondary coach. It came down to experience, and he has 18 years defensive coordinating experience.

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  • Bruingold82

    A great hire! This man helped recruit two Bruin greats, Cade McNown and Jamir Miller and was the Def Cood for Washington the last time it made the Rose Bowl (with CRN at the helm).

    Congratulations Tim Hundley.

  • cv

    A much better choice

  • UVD

    nice! im happy with that, experience is good!

  • cliq

    indeed. much needed experience…

  • Will

    A great hire! Someone with great coaching experience but is it still possible to put James Washington on staff? He was a beast and he would help us with recruiting.

  • LAPDBruin’84

    Coach Hundley sounds like a great hire based on his resume! This will be awesome! But I have to agree with you, WILL, I think James Washington would be such a tremendous asset….Like you said, a great recruiting resource. He would instill that “killer instinct” in our DBs…