Renardo Sr.’s version

Here’s what Renardo Sidney Sr. said of UCLA’s recruitment of his son. There has been speculation that UCLA had backed off Sidney this week, though UCLA has not, and cannot comment upon such speculation.

“I don’t know where the pulling out part came from, we never committed to UCLA. People are blowing that out of proportion. UCLA has to do what’s best for UCLA and we have to do what’s best for Renardo,” he said.

So I followed up with, “So are you saying that UCLA never told you it was ending its recruitment of Renardo?”

“Not to my knowledge,” he said. “We never committed to them, so why would they have to pull out.”

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  • Anonymous

    UCLA pulling the offer has NOTHING to do with a commitment—UCLA pulled the offer and Renardo took his 2nd choice–Dad is justifiably protecting son—Wish RS well and move on rather than dragging his character and scholastics through the mud

  • Legalsean

    He is a pretty good politician. He did not answer the question that was being asked by the reporter.


  • Yoda

    Still in the dark, USC fans are.

    Embarrassing details on new player there are.

    Questin I do, if Dohn will reveal the info.

    Key to mystery, Peanuts character is.

    Great confusion, in Floyd I sense.

    Meditate on this, I will.

  • Anonymous

    Floyd needs to remember USC basketball is not USC football. The NCAA is going to come down on them hard. He has been taking far too many recruiting risks.

  • Yo

    Is it something to do with his dad’s dealings as a Reebok “consultant”? Don’t know exactly why that would be a problem. But the Reebok guy also spoke at his announcement.

    Didn’t adidas buy reebok a few years back. UCLA is an adidas school. So maybe there is concern about that relationship or they money his dad received as a consultant.

    SUC is Nike right? No conflict of interest there . .

    Hmmm . . .

    NYTimes mentioned the reebok consultant thing in October. Said it was about 20K a year

  • jay

    Yoda!!!!!!!! That is hilarious keep it up

  • miltk

    pulling out and committing have nothing to do with each other. am i wrong or is sidney sr mixed up. a school can pull out anytime it feels like it, as can the player. neither has to commit before the other pulls out.

    sounds like his logic is renardo never committed so how can ucla pull out. well sr. they coulda pulled out a month ago if they felt like it.

  • pr

    Good luck to him at SuC! I am sure lil romeo will do a fine job of carrying his bags. Something tells me “Chris Brown” will be playing for the Trojans. Hope he doesn’t allegedly rough up RS on their way to practice.

  • Anonymous

    What a joke. UCLA was never going to offer to this guy – otherwise, they would have offered long ago. He has issues.. academically and with the company he keeps. This was not a secret.

  • DFWTrojan

    I have yet to see any proof that UCLA pulled out. And now, the Sydneys confirm that UCLA never pulled out. It appears that all of Sydney’s “issues” and UCLA’s “pull-out” were a convenient cover-up by Westwood to explain the loss of a top recruit to the Trojans. If you guys have proof otherwise, we’d love to see it. Without that, it’s a big bowl of baby blue sour grapes.

  • Anonymous

    “I’m not for sure what happened, but they were a school that I wanted to go to” hmmmmmm then why didnt you commit if you had the offer?

  • Anonymous

    my bad didn’t read the whole quote

  • Ramona Shelburne

    A couple of you have noted that committing to UCLA and UCLA backing off are mutually exclusive. You are correct.

    It really doesn’t matter whether Sidney committed to the Bruins or not, as far as it pertains to the question of whether the Bruins backed off. But that’s what Renardo Sr. said when I asked the question, and repeated when I pressed him on it, so that’s why I posted the quote.

  • The Don Key

    The Donkey would like to help some of his partners out here, (mainly DFW.) While there is no “proof” in plain facts known we do have reports. See here:,0,1713236.story.
    The Donkey wants to console any ucla fan on the loss of Sir Sidney. But also wants to stress that USC is taking a huge chance on this brilliant young man.

    God Bless

  • gubon13

    I feel bad for Tim Floyd that USC is the best he can do. Trying to make it into a nationally accepted program is an admirable goal, but it’s tough to do so with an undisciplined group held together by one-and-done players…

  • Anonymous

    The best evidence that UCLA pulled out is two-fold.

    First, when the Sunday press conference was first announced, Mr. Sidney told Jeff Goodman of Fox Sports that UCLA was the choice. Other media outlets reported the same thing, that UCLA was the choice for Sidney.

    Second, Eric Sondheimer, whose brother Mike works in the UCLA Department of Athletics, is reporting from the UCLA side that Bruin coaches pulled out of the recruitment.

    With all due respect, USC fans are being ridiculously naive and disingenuous about all of this. For the past month only UCLA, not USC, assistants were showing up at the Fairfax games of Renardo Sidney; Sidney for the past month has been attending UCLA, not USC, home men’s basketball games.

    How much more evidence does one need that UCLA pulled out?

  • gubon13

    That post would have made more sense if my link had worked.

  • DFW

    his recruitment was questionable from the beginning because of his past/people around him/academics, so it’s rather ignorant of you to suggest that these are excuses from UCLA drummed up to cover up a lost recruit.

  • Cali

    I just can’t wait to see what he gets on his mysterious SAT test. I wonder if he will be the one taking it, hmmmm. I say he is JC bound.

  • BruinFan

    It was obvious Sidney wanted to come to UCLA.

    He announced his press conference shortly after he got his offer from UCLA.

    Sidney has been to quite a few UCLA home games and he and his family have been in constant contact with UCLA assistant Donny Daniels.

    Why doesn’t Dohn just report what he knows. I guess he doesn’t want to slam anyone but, IMO, the truth needs to come out.

    I mean Daily News’ own ‘SC reporter Scott Wolf mentions that Chris Rivers, who is Reebok’s director of b-ball sports marketing was at the announcement.

    Dohn can do some quick research and easily find out who Rivers is associated with.

    Quick hint: someone who was associated with another recent ‘SC b-ball player who had investigations of his own.

    I mean SOMEONE has to let the truth come out, right?

  • Anonymous

    Thanks gubon13,

    That’s an interesting article

  • Panchito

    “Pulling out” at the last second is never a good idea.


  • Anonymous

    Chris Rivers from Reebok being there adds and interesting wrinkle to the situation.

    USC is a Nike school and from what I remember Reebok had some kind of lawsuit against Nike last year.

    UCLA is an Adidas school and Adidas owns Reebok.

    Anyone have any theories as to what’s going on there?

  • BleedBlue

    I don’t think it matters who did what or when it happened. UCLA fans shouldn’t be getting all high and mighty like an 8th grader by claiming “well we broke up with you first! so ha!”, and USC fans should be happy they got a commitment from one of the best prep-players in the nation and not come over to the ucla site and say “ha! we got a recruit you didn’t get, we are thus better!”.

    Sidney is going to be a great college player, if he makes it into the NCAA, which is obviously doubtful. I wish him the best in his ventures and I hope his reputation doesn’t indicate the type of person he will grow up to be.

  • Anonymous

    So now people are saying that he might not make it into the NCAA. Is that because of academics or other legal reasons?

    Is he expected to go to play in Europe for a year?

  • Everlong Bruin

    I think it’s time to leave this kid alone. This isn’t a case of choosing one school over another. Renardo (or his dad) never talked trash about UCLA or said anything negative. I think it’s about the kid now and hopefully the whole experience will help him build some character.

    Now if SUC folks talk trash about getting him, that’s a whole different story…

  • BleedBlue

    No… he is expected to play at USC, which is why he made his commitment to USC.

    However, according to multiple reports he has horrible grades and hasn’t taken the SAT or ACT yet so there is no way of knowing whether or not he will qualify at any school.

  • Anonymous

    Everlong Bruin is right, he didn’t say anything disrespectful about UCLA.

  • Watty

    You’re absolutely right, Anon. In fact, here’s what he had to say about UCLA:

    “UCLA was the leader going into that week, but then something happened and my parents didn’t tell me what it was,” said Sidney. “They just said they thought it was best for me to open up my options.”

    So it was SC all the way!! RIIIIIGGGGHHHT…LOL

    Looks like Sr. forgot to get his story straight with Jr.