UCLA offers Parker

Just got to the Bay Area for hoops tonight, checked my email and was told Narbonne High defensive back Sean Parker just received a scholarship offer from UCLA.

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  • lavsmousse

    How many db’s is too many? We need some uglies on the d-line.

  • UVD

    you can never have too many players at any position. i like the coaches going after talent, and not passing up talented kids just because “we have enough”. more players at each position means more competition in practice and they all need to step it up. plus this kid has offers from every other school in the nation already, why not throw our name in the hat.

  • andismaclow

    There was a lack of depth at the DB position, but also a lack of talent, that is why we are loading up in certain positions. But I agree, we do need some beast to load up that line.

  • Anonymous

    Surprised that you mention someone by name that an offer was given. I don’t think this was your MO in the past, although I could be wrong. Do you plan to let us know every time an offer is made now? Or was this just one of those days, and a “what the hey”, and you’re letting us know.

  • MaltBaa

    Well parker is a top tier recruit , which makes it more newsworthy than ucla offering the 2010 version of roby toma

  • Anonymous

    don’t follow your logic maltbaa.
    so being a top tier recruit means he reports it?
    okay…that’s why Brian reported on Presley being initially offered? what about from the 2010 class, Seantrel Henderson or Malcom Jones? Why mention Parker by name? especially when in the past Brian’s made it a point to hold off reporting even if it meant not getting the scoop.

    maltbaa, completely disagree about UCLA offering the 2010 version of roby toma. That is EXTREMELY newsworthy…if there’s a 2 star anonymous recruit very well connected to the number one d-lineman or linbacker in the country and UCLA offers…you better believe it’s newsworthy.


  • sufferedwithtoledo

    if the reports of his 3.8gpa are anywhere near the truth, i welcome him with open arms. These kids are usually good “character” people with a good head on their shoulder.

  • TruBruin

    Now Girls.. stop your bickering!