Answers, Part 11

Here is set XI:

Who gets the better seed in the NCAA tourney…the Pac 10 season champion or the tournament champion?
Pac-10 regular season champion. It is a body of work over the long haul, and not just three good days of basketball.

Which Pac10 team do you think will go further in the NCAAs? WHy?
Got me. I need to see matchups of the brackets. But based on experience, coaching and ability, I am going with UCLA, if I must pick a school now.

Do you cover any other UCLA sport besides the football and basketball teams? Can we ask questions from other UCLA sports?
I do not cover the other sports. You can ask the questions, but my chances of having an informed answer are minimal.

Howland seems to always do well in the past with young players. This year he seems to be taking the heat more and is not so confident with his young players. What changed? Why does there seem to be a lack of motivation in close games?
The ability to play immediately is not as great with these freshmen, and I don’t think the talent level and mental understanding of what Howland wants is as high as some of the other freshmen that came in and played immediately.

Hey Brian…your pic on the site makes you look like a red head. what’s your natural color?
Brown, with too much gray coming in lately.

Do you think this years bball personnel is more suited for a Memphis style offense? How do you think they would do with less emphasis on def, more on offense?
No, I think we see that against Washington State. UCLA ran up and down, but didn’t defend. Howland is a defensive coach and recruits players he think can play great defense. That is important, and that should always be UCLA’s style while he is the coach.

Have you missed VB’s commentary as much as I have? VB, come back man!
Yeah, where is he. I have to check in with him and make sure all is ok.

What mistakes has Howland made this year?
Too broad of a question. Do you mean I think he should have played J’mison Morgan more, or do you mean his admittance he used the wrong personnel during a two-minute stretch at Stanford where Nikola Dragovic was playing center?

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  • Blue Bruin

    If I’m allowed a follow up, why don’t you keep it at the high level…using Morgan more…playing Gordon and Aboya at the same time more…not finding a good defensive and rebounding solution.

  • Jay

    VB, if you are out there we are concerned. What is up with No updates since christmas time… pfffff

  • miltk

    Ben HAD TO PLAY Farmar, AA, and Shipp. That team’s personnel sucked! He had to play Luc because of injuries. Other than that, DC and Westy both got normal pt as frosh, same as this year’s frosh.

  • VB

    VB is fine, my good friends. Just slammed at work the last few weeks. Not to mention midterms and taking care of Mrs. VB after her surgery.

    But rest assured, VB will soon return soon for more rousing fun. I am indeed reading the blog regularly, but have no time to comment lately.


    p.s. YOU ALL SUCK!
    p.s.s. Only 189 days until another fun-filled tailgate with Dohn and the rest of the UBTA
    p.s.s.s. pfffffffffffffffffff

  • barrya

    Brian, your hair is just turning a NATURAL color (the color ALL hair eventually matures into)….

  • pr

    Brian Dohn and Brian Scalabrine are the same person