Answers, Part I

Folks, sorry for the late start with the Q&A. As those who were on the in-game chat yesterday know, I was not feeling particularly well and needed some sleep. I’m thinking 12 or so sets of answers today, beginning with this one:

What kind of factors do Rivals and other recruiting sites use to benchmark the number of stars/ranking of prospects? There’s a pair of HS backs in my area who rushed for over 3000 yards, 25TD this season and aren’t on the website or offered.
Plenty of factors. There is the competition they play against, the team they are on, how they do at combine testing that is run for prospects (if they don’t go to the combine it can hurt them) and what schools offered them scholarships. Those are the nuts and bolts of it.

On short yard situations, why didn’t we line up Price (or anyone huge) at FB last year besides ona a few goal line plays? I think that’s nearly an instant 2-3 yards. Is it to keep him fresh on D, or because his blocking footwork is terrible?
Even when he was lined up at fullback, he wasn’t always going the right direction on the play. Sometimes he missed blocks, and I don’t think UCLA was willing to take that chance in the middle of the field.

Other then the Backfield battle, which other position battle are you most interested to see this spring? and why?
I wan to see what happens with the quarterback spot. I have my theories, and I know the direction UCLA wants to take, but it still has to materialize. And the offense is only going to be as good as quarterback plays.

Why isn’t 20-7 and in the mix for the P10 not enough for Bruin fans? (Or, to put it another way — Does Dohn think we are spoiled?)
I don’t think UCLA fans are spoiled, I think many are unrealistic. I understand UCLA hoops is about national championships, but the Bruins won ONE national title in the last three decades. UCLA went to the last three Final Fours, and I get the sense some folks think it is a birth rite to get back there. UCLA lost three starters to early departures to the NBA, and the teams contending against UCLA for the Pac-10 title have kids that returned instead of leaving. And I think the attitude is coaxed along by an administration that doesn’t publicly recognize the significant of getting to three straight Final Fours.

There’s a video on the internet of Neuheisel giving a talk to boosters on football signing day. During the talk, he said that Ganz is coming back next year. What are you hearing about that?
I think he is coming back as well. He interviewed with Kansas City and Dallas, but Neuheisel said last week he expected no more staff defections.

Any other late football signees?
Nope. Unless you count Branden Warner, who is still waiting to take care of bills at Compton College.

Have you talked with Ben Howland about whether he would consider a different type defense (zone, etc.)that may match this years personnel better? If not, do you think he might? Thanks.

Howland hates zone defense. Let me re-phrase that. Howland HATES zone defense, and will not play it. It’s a moot point, and not even worth asking. It’s like asking Rick Neuheisel if he’s going to be USC gear for his kids for Christmas.

UCLA jacked up season ticket prices for basketball by a staggering 30% for next year. Does this decision in this economy make any sense or is it going to eviscerate the middle-class from being able to purchse seats?
I did not know they did that. Please email me some information on that and I will look into it. …And how does one have to spend now to watch UCLA pummel some directional school in November and December?

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  • lavsmousse

    Brian, hope you feel better as the weekend progresses.

  • Anonymous

    Brian you said: “I want to see what happens with the quarterback spot. I have my theories, and I know the direction UCLA wants to take, but it still has to materialize.”

    Do you have plans to let us know your own thoughts in a story or a blog entry?

  • bz
  • Anonymous


    I checked my season ticket renewal for next season as well as my renewal for this season. I purchased 4 tickets each year in the upper level. This year the season tickets totalled $2,474 (including a $10 handling fee). Next year my renewal for the same tickets are $2,410 (including a $10 handling fee).

    I’m not sure what this reader is referring to when he/she made the claim that ticket prices increased by 30%

  • Anonymous

    If I remember correctly, the face value of pre-season tickets were $24 per seat in the upper section.

  • Anonymous

    Re: Anonymous @ 11:37am

    Last year my basketball tickets were $736 per (excl. handling) and this year they are $877 per, which is a 19% increase. It’s not as steep as what the person who asked the question suggests, but it is still significant. What we know is that your tickets in the upper level did not increase and mine in the blue seats (row 4, sideline) went up by 19%. Perhaps the other person sits on the floor or is closer to center court. It appears that the athletic department is taking a cue from the Obama Administration and sticking it to the rich folks.

  • Anonymous

    Anon @ 11:51 am,

    The sad part is . . . my tickets in the upper level are donor seats as well. When trying to buy 2 more seats last year (next to my current seats), UCLA asked me to donate at least $800 per additional ticket.

    I guess I should be “grateful” my ticket prices did not go up. Although I’d pay your 19% increase to sit in the blue seats. I requested to be notified if tickets were available and would make the requisite donation but I received no such call.

    Anon @ 11:37 am

  • Miso Bruin

    I paid 616 a ticket for 300’s section last year. This year’s renewal is 605. Last year I think it was less than 600. If the economy didn’t go in a funk like it is now I would have expected the tickets to go up. By not going up as expected and reducing the price by a couple of bucks, UCLA actually cut ticket prices by an estimated 30 bucks or so (or at least in the 300’s section).

  • Burbank Bruin

    Wow, congratulations on the award Brian!

  • supertramp

    Apparently, ucla raised ticket prices the most on folks in the gold level sections. mine went from 858 per ticket to 1140, which is about 30 percent.

  • VenturaBruin

    Ticket prices are sure to increase if Pauley Pavillion is to be renovated. I anticipate more increases in the coming years.

  • miltk

    i think the fans are generally realistic about the season RECORD. the problems are…..

    1…how we lost to ASU, and just plain losing to WSU. these are 2 wins we should have.

    2…there are more complaints about the quality of EFFORT by the players, echoed by players and Ben.