Answers, Part V

Here is the fifth set of answers:

What is your take on Howland’s opinion of this season? Do you think he is disappointed or do you think his thinking was more like yours and that this was the type of year the team would have this year?
I think he is disappointed by the effort UCLA gave in some of the games recently, but I also think Howland is a realist and understood this team had more flaws than some of his previous teams.

What players in this past class and the first of coach Rick Neuheisel’s look more or less physically impressive than you gathered from photos and game tape?
I don’t spend time looking at photos to judge a guy’s physique, and it is also tough to see the size of someone from game film because much of it is low quality or small resolution. So, not ducking the question, I don’t really form opinions until I see them in person.

Where do you see Gerritt Cole in two years? Still with the Bruins or in a MLB farm system?
No idea. And if it’s baseball, I don’t think I’ll see him at all.

Are you answering this week’s Q&A with the requisite urgency?
I have urgency is everything I do.

Your opinion of Hundley please. How good a coach is he??
Got me. I’ve talked to him for a total of five minutes. He comes with interesting credentials, and since he has coordinating experience but will be a defensive backs coach, I think that should help this staff.

When will you be able to tell us the whole story behind Renardo Sidney?
Probably never. I need to protect sources on issues like these.

Do you know if CRN is going to host another Lady Bruin Football 101 before the Spring Scrimmage at the Rose Bowl?
I don’t know. I will check with UCLA and post something when I hear it.

Do you get the sense that Bobo Morgan regrets his decision to attend ucla?
I get the sense he is not thrilled about how it is turning out. Howland’s decision to play Dragovic at center against Stanford rather than putting Morgan in the game speaks volumes of what is going on. But I still think Morgan stays.

You mentioned Ryan Kasdorf visited last weekend. Did he get an offer? Have you heard anything more on that?
I do not believe he got an offer, and I don’t know when/if he will get one.

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  • Anonymous

    Gerritt Cole with be playing for UCLA in two years since he will only be a Jr and NCAA baseball players are not draft eligible again until after their Jr season.

  • Anonymous

    From what I understand is that Sidney’s Dad went to BH with a “game plan” for his son – touches, min’s, how to use him, when he can talk to the media, etc. A whole list on do’s and dont’s for his son. Like an agent talking to a GM. BH was not a big fan of this and everything went South from there.

  • Burbank Bruin

    I hope Morgan stays patient. If Howland can turn Ryan Hollins into a starting center for a team that went to the NC game, who knows what he can do for Morgan.

  • Anonymous

    The same can be said about Dragovich. Based on his first two years, I didn’t think we would ever see him playing at this level. Morgan would be well served to stay. If he is patient and works hard, it will pay off in his junior and/or senior year.