Answers, Part VI

Here is the sixth set of answers:

Regarding Dragovic’s domestic abuse case, you said that he is on probation and nothing will happen if he stays out of trouble. How exactly is “out of trouble” defined? For instance, if he gets a moving violation, does that violate his probation?
I don’t think I said he was on probation because no charges were filed. But if he does not have another alleged domestic abuse case come up in one year, it will become official that no charges will be filed.

Your prediction on the Cal game? What will Cal’s shooting % be?
UCLA 68, Cal 67. Cal will shoot 48.4848383890 percent.

Did the coaches BS Morgan about playing time his freshman year to get him to come here?
No, but I think the coaches believed he would develop more quickly. It’s been a slow process, and at this point Howland doesn’t feel comfortable playing him.

Did UCLA really lose interest in Renardo Sidney for xyz reasons or did they just “leak” that to the media in an attempt to save face from losing the recruiting battle to USC? What are your thoughts?
UCLA didn’t lose interest in Sideny. They always liked him as a player and prospect. But there were other factors that went into the decision before they pulled the scholarship. It had nothing to do with saving face in a recruiting battle.

Do you think you can do a 10 offbeat questions type thing for coaches in their offseason? (football now, basketball after april) I would find it interesting to get to know some of the coaches better.
I have thought about that. Perhaps I will approach a coach or two about it.

any recent news on the tennessee game being moved to labor day again this year? i know ESPN already inked miami/florida st, but last year they had 2 games that day.
I don’t think it is going to happen. With both teams being so dreadful last season, I think ESPN wants to stay away from it.

Is Dragovic still worth starting over Keefe now that we’re getting killed on defense and rebounding? It just seems odd to me that Howland will sacrifice defense for offense after all these years.
Or, perhaps in practice Keefe isn’t giving the Bruins what they would need on defense and rebounding to merit a move back.

Is there talk of repeating the Select-a-Seat Event for football season ticket holders to upgrade their seats? Just curious.
I know I heard some rumblings about it, but not sure if it’s going to happen.

who are the main backs that will compete for the starting job? do you think the team will shift to a more offense-oriented style?
In my mind it will be Christian Ramirez, Johnathan Franklin and Milton Knox. I’m sure Derrick Coleman and Aundre Dean will also get looks. As for a more offensive style, I think you mean UCLA being less conservative. I think that will happen only when the offensive line proves it can block, and the quarterback can be trusted to throw the ball down the field.

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  • Anonymous

    Who’s that young coach helping Norm Chow doing practice and I think I saw him in the booth with Chow on TV?

  • Anonymous

    How many more times do you think people will ask you who will be competing for the starting tailback job?

  • Watty

    Brian – just curious, who will be starting for the tailback job this spring?

  • Anonymous

    Any idea who starts at tailback this year?

  • Anonymous

    I hope Dragovic stays in the starting lineup. His offense plus his defense has proved more valuable than Keefe’s defense plus his minimal offense.

  • Joe Bruin


    Would love a good article about the men’s basketball assistant coaches. Seem extremely qualified, but we don’t get to hear much about them. It might also be interesting to read more about Coach Ben Howland’s former assistants.

  • usagi

    Hey Brian,
    Nice job on the prediction. UCLA 72, Cal 68, Cal shooting 47.0588235294%.