Answers, part VII

Here is the seventh set of answers:

Brian is Lance Stephenson serious about UCLA? Does UCLA actually have a chance in landing him? Thank you.
Who knows with him? It’s a soap opera, but I don’t think UCLA has an interest in him.

It seems like a lot of other schools successfully utilize Midnight Madness very effectively. Since it seems to generate so much excitement for students, fans, and recruits, why doesn’t Howland do it? Does he not like it? Has UCLA ever had one? If so, with what type of response?
I don’t know if UCLA has staged one before, but Howland is not a proponent of spectacles like Midnight Madness. If done right, it can be a fun event. However, it counts as an official practice, which means Howland would have to give up an official practice to stage one. Which means it’s chances of happening do not appear very good.

On NLI day, I reluctantly went to Scott’s chat to get last second rumors. I asked him what your were like in the office and your relationship several times and he avoided the topic it like a woman his age. Do guys not like each other or get along? Why?
Scott and I do not work from in the office. In fact, in my 10+ years at the Daily News, I don’t recall being in the office at the same time as Scott. We get along fine. Maybe he didn’t address it because I’m sure the chat wasn’t about his relationship with co-workers, but rather was about USC.

During that chat, Scott Wolfe also claimed that he had undisclosed inside information that UCLA Coaches told their players to cheap shot and try to hurt Sanchez. Did you ever hear anything like this? Does he claim to have heard the UCLA coaches say that?
I don’t know. Ask him. It’s the first I heard of it, but it would be a great story.

Congrats on placing in the top ten game-sports stories for 2008 (Associated Press Sports Editors contest). I wish I could say the UCLA-BYU article was memorable, though; maybe I’ll have to dig it up and take another read.
Thanks. It will be a game I never forget, but only because of the absurdity about it.

Since this is Neuheisel’s first true offseason conditioning program, what’s your feel in terms of player attitude and commitment as opposed to the Dorrell regime?
It’s much better, and much more intense. However, that is common when a coach takes over for someone who was fired and the program was in bad shape. It’s one of the reasons a change needed to be made.

How many players are expected at Junior Day on March 6th? Is Neuheisel planning the day any differently than Dorrell would have?
I believe Junior Day is March 7, and I’m not sure how many will be there. I don’t think it will be a crazy-high number. And I don’t know what Neuheisel is planning right now, but his salesmanship ability makes it much different than how Dorrell did things.

Is it your opinion recruits are more excited now about the direction of the FB program?
Not really. Any time a recruit commits to a school that has had trouble winning, he speaks about the direction of the program and how this recruiting class is going to be the one to turn it around. I think UCLA is getting a higher caliber of recruit, but that was happening in Dorrell’s last season.

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  • ucibruin

    UCLA did have at least one Midnight Madness, which I attended, and IIRC it was the first year after the 95 ship. There were not as many attendees as expected, and it really was a wasted practice. The only apparent value was to allow fans another chance to show appreciation for the title run.

  • Anon

    I have a vague recollection that UCLA tried the midnight madness a long time ago (before Dohn’s time here). It went over like a fart in church, so they never did it again.


    Also believe there were some post event security issues at that Midnight Madness event, too, which ensured that the event would not recur.

  • Skip

    If I recall correctly, early in the game Maualuga got off an ugly helmet on helmet shot on Craft (that he received a late hit penalty for) like the one that he made on Cowan the year before (that, in my opinion, he should have received a helmet on helmet penalty for). UCLA has too much class to hurt anyone on purpose, but after the rule violating hit on their starting QB Craft and questionable hit on Cowan the year before, I could see where the concern for Trojan Golden Boy Sanchez might have decreased.