Answers, Part VIII

Here is the eight set:

What are the profit numbers for FB and men’s BB? Essentially, do both sports pay for all other men’s and women’s sports?
Yes, UCLA’s athletic department is self-sustaining, and broke even last year. Off the top of my head, I believe football netted $11 million and men’s basketball netted $6 million. Those were the only sports to post a profit.

Is more $ flowing into the athletic department from alums since Neuheisel was hired?
Not that I’m aware of.

Recently 2010 football players Demetrius Wright from Corona and Kenneth Scott from Ontario have said very favorable things about UCLA. Are either one of them considered elite prospects?
Define elite. There are some very high-profile schools after both of them. And, of course they are going to say nice things about UCLA. They want scholarship offers.

In your Thursday football posting ( you mention a lot of unsurprising interceptions. Are a lot of interceptions typical of early 7-on-7’s?
Yes, because the offense needs to work on timing issues and the defense knows the plays so well. Most of the interceptions were on passes underneath and to the outside.

Since tyreke evans was moved to the point from the 2 spot, memphis has been undefeated. Do you think Holiday/team would benefit from a switch like this?
No, because Collison cannot play the two. He is a point guard, and needs to stay there. Holiday’s ability to play both positions makes it so they can both play in the backcourt at the same time.

Can you please comment on your impressions of the new and improved strength and conditioning program for football, based on your interviews and observations. It is an area that seems to have been a weakness (no pun intended) in prior years.
Not to duck the question, but I will be hanging out with the team Tuesday for a story I am working on. I will be at their lifting and conditioning sessions. Rather than give an answer right now, how ’bout we wait another week to 10 days?

Based on what you saw at the 7 on 7’s, how much does Prince look like he’s gained in size and strength since his frosh year?
He looks the same to me, but I see him often so I may not be the best to judge.

How many, if any, bruin baseball games do you attend during the season?
In six years covering UCLA football and basketball, I have not attended a baseball game.

is talking to coaches about their (inflated?) salaries a sensitive subject?
It’s a slightly sensitive subject, but I don’t begrudge anyone for making what they make. If fans didn’t fill the seats, schools wouldn’t have the money to pay coaches. I’ve talked to coaches about it, and they also admit to being a little embarrassed, but also say that is what the market is bearing.

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    shouldn’t spell checking/grammar checking be part of journalistic integrity on blogs? do we want CA youth to grow up as intelligence disadvantaged as taylor ham-eating kids? use ms word – daily news provides it for free, mr mensa.

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    and yeah, ms word may not have caught this specific error, but it would have done so for numerous others.