UCLA’s outright Pac-10 streak ends

Washington’s 83-78 win today against Arizona means the Huskies clinched at least a share of the Pac-10 regular season title, and they can win it outright by defeating Washington State next Saturday.
U-dub’s win win also means UCLA’s string of outright Pac-10 titles is over at three straight. The best the Bruins can do is tie for the conference crown, but they need to win their next three games and have Washington lose to Wazzu for that to happen.

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  • Blue Bruin

    UCLA blew his season by losing those home games to Arizona State and Washington State.

  • BruinNV

    WSU beats ASU so tonite’s game is for undisputed…2nd place. The way WSU is playing though, it’s not impossible for them to topple UW but, as always, UW will have a HUGE advantage in free throws. That will end come the Pac X tourney.

  • la-ukla

    I have come to really despise Washington. They’re right up there w/ USC. Like Blue said, we blew it w/ those 2 home losses that should never have happened, so we did this to ourselves. Still…damn! Go Wazzu (you never know)!

  • Larry

    Another lop-sided game regarding free throws… ridiculous. I mean, it’s not even close. Don’t others notice this too and if so… why has nothing been done or investigated?

  • barrya

    What’s the bb tie-breaker (for seeds in the tournament and Ncaa automatic berth)? In fb it’s first head to head (if Ucla and UW are tied, that’s a wash); then you go down the list to next best team, etc. So, for Ucla to win – if it works THAT way – we need to win out and hope Cal beats Asu next week (Stanford, too, but that’s icing) – Cal has to finish ahead of Asu so it’s records vs Cal next and not vs Asu. In case of the above, Ucla will have swept Cal while Washington split with them, but Asu swept Ucla….

    Anyway, Go Cougs and all that but most important is that we play killer defense. Key I think is for Darren to contain Randle as he did last time. Darren’s looked tired to me, slower, not as quick mentally on defense also. Lee I think plays a LOT tonight and he and Holiday have to have good games. Tough place to play especially for us for whom EVERY place is tough….

  • Sid

    Oh well, can’t win it every year. Especially after losing Luc, Love, and Westbrook.

  • Fan4Life

    The automatic berth in hoops goes solely to the winner of the PX tournament. The others will be at-large berths and seeding will be determined by the selection committee.

    It will be nice for WSU to assist UCLA by beating UW next weekend. UCLA will need to take care of business and win two vs Oregon/OSU.

    Being co-champs has never stopped SC from claiming 7 consecutive PX titles in fb.

    Go Cougs!