My Hoops poll

Here is my ballot for this week’s AP top 25:

1. Connecticut
2. Louisville
3. North Carolina
4. Memphis
5. Oklahoma
6. Pittsburgh
7. Duke
8. Gonzaga
9. Wake Forest
10. LSU
11. Kansas
12. Washington
13. Villanova
14. Missouri
15. Michigan State
16. Purdue
17. UCLA
18. Xavier
19. Marquette
20. Creighton
21. Butler
22. Arizona State
23. Clemson
24. Texas
25. Utah

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  • dproduct

    Brain you’re back! Thank god.

  • Alex18

    Brian, excuse me if you’ve always had them this low, but how do two relatively close losses to the top two teams in your poll warrant Marquette dropping all the way to 19? They only lost to Louisville by 4 on the road and UConn by 11 (after being in that game most of the way), both teams that were ranked higher.

  • The Cal win was a nice one. I am still not sure if the Bruins should be in the Top 20. I would say 24 or 25 is more realistic at this point.

  • BleedBlue

    UCLA > USC

  • bz


    As a Marquette (and UCLA) grad I have been following Brian’s ranking for most of the season. He has pretty consistently MU about where he has right now.

  • MilwaukeeBruin

    As another Marquette & UCLA grad, I think MU’s true ranking falls between 10 & 15. They were up too high based on their games against the middle/bottom of the Big East. Dohn’s ranking is, in my opinion a bit too low.

    The loss of James also destroys my dream of somehow seeing him play Collison 1-on-1.

  • BruinNV

    Gonzaga #8? Really?!? I would also drop Texas out with how they’ve been playing lately.