Neuheisel to visit U.S. Troops

UCLA football coach will visit American troops in the Middle East in late May and early June. Here is the release from UCLA:


UCLA head football coach Rick Neuheisel is one of six current or former college head coaches who will travel to the Middle East to visit U.S. troops this spring on the second annual Under Armour Coaches Tour.
The tour, which will meet and greet American military personnel in Afghanistan, Qatar and the United Arab Emirates, is scheduled to depart McConnell Air Force Base in Wichita, KS, on May 28 and return to the United States on June 4.
“This is a chance to thank our men and women in those parts of the world who are fighting for freedom,” said Neuheisel. “I am excited about the opportunity to spend time with them.”
Texas coach Mack Brown, Ohio State’s Jim Tressel, Troy Calhoun of Air Force, Houston Nutt of Mississippi and former Auburn coach Tommy Tuberville are also will travel on the tour.
The trip is coordinated through Armed Forces Entertainment, a Department of Defense agency, and Morale Entertainment.

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  • Bruintx

    I commend him and the other 5 coaches for their act of patriotism. Dont take off your helmet when you’re in Afghanistan though Rick! Although most of the troops would probably prefer Rick was one of the Bruin cheerleaders instead, I’m also sure they will be more than grateful for his time and effort. Pom Pom Petey cant go because there aren’t any 5-star hotels in Afghanistan.

  • WestwoodBruinCrips

    O fo sho’ CRN

  • pr

    Rick will have the Afghani’s doing an 8 clap in no time. Kudos to CRN and the other coach’s for giving back to the men and women of our Armed Forces that make football possible.


    Are there any good offensive linemen in Kabul?

  • Bruingold82

    I bet CRN can find Osama!

  • Blue Bruin

    Word is that rick has an “ace in the hole” to find Osama.

  • UB (Ultimate Bruin)

    Thank you, CRN, for your time and effort in visiting our men and women in uniform. As the proud father of a United State Marine, I always admire those public figures that unselfishly give their time to honor our troops.

    FYI in case you were wondering: JB (Jarhead Bruin) is VB’s younger brother

  • Jewin

    Hey UB: Where’s VB?

  • UB (Ultimate Bruin)


    VB is alive and well. (Thanks for the concern!) He has been VERY busy with work, classes and keeping the wife happy! But, he tells me he ‘checks-in’ to see how things are going here, but has not substantial time to blog. Now that his mid-terms are over, I am sure he will wreak havoc here soon!

  • InglewoodBruinBlood

    I want to see footage of CRN leading the troops in the 8 Clap, and teaching them Sons of Qestwood with guitar accompaniment. Then I want to see Tressel and Brown engaged in both arm wrestling and a pie-eating contest. All coaches could then participate in a dart-throwing competition, with the bullseye being a picture of the Trojans…

  • Bruce

    A tip of this Trojan cap to Coach Neuheisel and the rest of the coaches supporting our troops.