• BruinBrock

    In the first paragraph about Norm Chow on page 6 (PDF page 7), it says “In 2008, quarterback Kevin Craft completed 232 passes, the second-highest total in school history.” LOL. Talk about misleading statistics! It should say “…completed 20 passes to the other team, the highest total in school history.” Poor Chow just wasn’t given much to work with last year! I just hope we get the QB situation worked out in ’09! GO BRUINS!

  • UB (Ultimate Bruin)

    What is misleading about the truth? If, indeed, 232 completions is the second-highest in school history, then it is what it is. Of course, it is also true that he threw 20 picks compared to 7 TDs. Isn’t that the fun of statistics? I mean, if we looked at it, some defensive players may have had the “Most Minutes on the Field in One Season” — (due to our crappy offense last year.) Statistics cn be massaged to mean whatever you want if you are creative enough. They are only relevant when viewed in conjunction with other objective factors to give meaning. If he threw 232 completions, 7 picks and 20 TDs — and we went 8 and 4, then the 232 would be impressive. Now, it just means we couldn;t run the ball worth sheeeeet, so we aired it out enough for him to complete 252 (including 20 to the opposition).

  • Anon

    Figures don’t lie, but liars can sure figure!