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I was able to catch up with UCLA freshman center Drew Gordon for 10 light-hitting questions. His answers were thoughtful, and on occasion, humorous. Hope you all like them.

1. Who wins a dance contest, me (Brian) or you?
I’m going to have to go with you. You look like you’re a talented person. My thing is basketball, so you may have something else.

2. Favorite cartoon?
I used to watch Saturday morning cartoons all the time. I like Tom and Jerry a lot. I like how Jerry is so smooth and has so much swag, and Tom is always trying to get him. I like all the Warner Bros., the Looney Tunes. I love those guys. But I think it’d probably be Tom and Jerry.

3. What have you learned from John Wooden?
He’s a very, very, very wise man. That man knows exactly what he’s talking about. He told me (about) patience, and to keep on working hard and keep doing everything I’m supposed to do.

4. What’s the most surprising thing about UCLA?
The most surprising thing would be the schoolwork. My high school (Archbishop Mitty in San Jose) made it out to be so much. They told me it would be so much harder than high school. It’s turned out to be the same thing as high school. I came here and was caught off guard. I was prepared to write 50 page papers, just weird, up-and-above stuff, and it’s really like 5-, 10-page papers. It’s a good surprise.

5. Best part of college life?
I probably would say independence. It’s nice being able to support yourself and have your own responsibilities. It’s a chance to get out and make a name for yourself.

6. The worst part of college life?
I would say waking up in the morning, actually. I’m supposed to wake up at 8:30 but …I’m not a morning person. My parents usually woke me up in high school. It was, ‘Drew, get up for class.’ I have an (alarm clock) but it’s like, eh, (hit the snooze).

7. Sports car — Lamborghini or Mercedes?
The new Lamborghinis or the old Lamborghinis? The new Mercedes SL500, those are nice. But the Lamborghinis are nice. I’ll go with the Lamborghinis to have a little flash.

8. Who wins a game of horse between all the freshmen?
I’d have to say Jrue (Holiday) because he can shoot with both hands. He’ll shoot a 3 and we’ll all get letters because he says he shot it with his left hand. He’s real tricky.

9. When you’re not playing hoops, lifting or going to class, what do you do for fun?
Sleep. I go into hibernation during my down time. Or hanging out with the freshmen. It makes our chemistry good.

10. Favorite place to eat in Westwood?
There’s one place that can’t be touched by any other place — In n’ out.

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  • Jewin

    Trojans are reading this going, “What? you’re supposed to write papers in college?!”

  • EXbruins

    perfect answer for number 10

  • BruinNV

    Toejams write papers too. They just have it written for them. And all their schollies get a complimentary Lamborghini from unnamed sources.

  • Anonymous

    I thought the spot for the whole team was supposed to be BJs? Almost every other player has said that. I hope this isn’t hurting the team chemistry.

  • VBs Cat

    you really think you can beat him??
    I can picture you doing the robot..LOL

  • Anonymous

    5-10 page papers… hahaha wait until your junio/senior years and have those upper division classes. You are just warming up for them in your freshman year.

  • BleedBlue

    Sorry Drew,

    But once you get out of those lower division GE classes, it turns into much longer papers and much more reading that actually counts. Trust me, I just finished my last class today at UCLA.

  • GmanC


    I believe congratulations are in order!

  • Anonymous

    good answer about wooden, respect him and what he offers u freely. hmmm, sounds like Jesus lol.