• Anonymous

    Does the awarding of NCAA fb red-shirts come about the same time each year? Is it approximately the same time for all schools?

  • amm

    i’m glad i’m back on this sight because all they talk about on the sc blog is oregon cheeleaders and men’s rectums
    ALL HAIL DOHN!!!!!!!!

  • lavsmousse

    Any chance Jonathan Ogden could get a 5th year of elig.? We could use some ot’s.

  • The Blur

    Paulsen’s a beast. I’m glad he’s back.

  • bruin78

    Ok, I’m going to ask a stupid question again, please be easy on me.

    If Paulsen and Bosworth received Medical Redshirts, why didn’t Pat Cowan?

  • Al Pee

    is because pat cowan was on his medical red shirt already when he got hurt, so basically he is very unlucky