Answers, Part III

Here is the third set of answers:

genos or pat’s?
Pat’s. I’m disgusted I even had to answer this.

Do you think USC getting punished for the Reggie Bush transgressions would help UCLA recruiting? I was @ UCLA when UNLV got punished and Ed O’ Bannon and Shon Tarver fell in our lap. That was a turning point for UCLA hoops.
Yes, it would help. If a program is on probation or has a scholarship reduction, kids will look elsewhere. When they turn their heads, they will see another Pac-10 school a few miles away.

Jrue Holliday’s lack of scoring is it due to Ben’s offense style or Darren’s holding onto the ball deep into the shot clock?
Neither. It’s because Holiday is the third or fourth option. Collison and Josh Shipp are the first two options, and Nikola Dragovic is the spot-up 3-point shooter.

Because of Ben’s offense, will Jrue leave this year?
I don’t think that has anything to do with what Holiday will decide. Holiday will get plenty of shots next season and be able to run the offense.

Any word on DT Warren?

Any updates on Holmes, D Carter and Larimore as far as if they put on the PAC10 muscle/size & if they could see decent action this year?
They are all bigger, but until I see them in spring practice, it doesn’t matter. There is more to playing than being big. Carter is 255 pounds. I don’t know if he can play linebacker at that size.

How concerned is Coach Howland that Jrue Holiday will leave after this season, and that next year it seems like the depth at guard will be on the thin side (to say the least)?
Right now, not at all. But coming into the season, Howland knew it was likely Holiday would leave. I think the depth issue concern is real since UCLA is looking at a JUCO point guard in Arizona.

Do you think that incidents like the E.J. Woods arrest make it more difficult for the UCLA football program to get more leeway in admissions from the academic people?
Yes, i think it does. I don’t know if that is fair, but I am hearing it will have an impact since Woods was a borderline kid who UCLA took a chance on.

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  • lbcbruin

    Brian, When is you article on the spring work outs coming out. did I miss it?

  • RodneyGuillory

    At some point, you have to wonder if its better for the Football program to just cut its ties with EJ Woods. But I guess either way, the damage has been done with the admissions folks – which by the way, they need to be constantly reminded that a better academic institution (or at least parallel) in Cal Berkeley has looser standards.

  • Anonymous

    Yes, Cal is not a “better academic institution” than UCLA and has “parallel” standards. In law school a few years back, I constantly heard fellow students say they were accepted as undergrads by Cal but not by UCLA, or vice versa.

  • solomon bruin

    When did U$C receive penalties for the Bush problems?

  • Anonymous


    Make sure you try Jim’s Steaks while you are there. It is by far the best.

  • BruinFaithful

    Boy does missing on Abdul Gaddy hurt now. I can now see why Ben was so excited about a small fry like Isaiah Thomas, after watching his fearless style of play. Visions of Nate Robinson. Ben reallt really needs to go after John Wall, hard and fast. I know it’s not his style, but he needs to learn to kiss up.