Readying for the draft

UCLA will hold its pro day for NFL teams next week, and one thing I’m hearing from talking to various people is the Bruins may not have anyone selected in the April draft.

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  • Greg

    This is a true indictment of Dorrell’s recruiting efforts. He loved the hard working 2-star and 3-star kids who had already reached their ceilings. The cupboard was truly bare when Neuheisel and Chow took over.

  • Steve

    >one thing I’m hearing from talking to various people is the Bruins may not have anyone selected in the April draft.

    Wow…when was the last time that happened.


  • lavsmousse

    I have managed to erase the bad memory of last years record from my mind, all I am concerned with now is Neu’s second year and how much the team improves. There are players off this years team who will definitely be drafted. Can’t wait for spring ball to start.

  • TruBruin

    The University of Utah and Boise State are full of 2-3 star players. The difference is that those teams are not coached by Karl Dorrell. Remember all the people that were so pissed he got canned?

  • Panchito

    Karl Dorrell: the gift that keeps on giving.



    I am still amazed that Harwell gets no love at all. Not even an invite to the combine. Maybe our Punter will get drafted in the last round?

  • Panchito

    What happened to the Cincinnati Bengals? Wasn’t there a post on here that said the Bengals were interested in Pat Cowan?

    I guess Karl Dorrell was a good “molder of men” in that there were not too many off-the-field transgressions by the FB players (Medlock and Hale and the O-Line stoners come to mind as the only problems). However, Dorrell’s record on the field and as a developer of player talent is quite obviously not very good.

    All the players that went to the NFL like Mo Drew and Marcedes Lewis were the last of Toledo’s recruits. Look what happened to Dorrell’s highest-rated recruit, Ben Olson. No one else comes to mind as having developed into anything special in Dorrell’s WCO system.


  • bz

    Is Harwell considered too small to play in the NFL? or is there some other issue that the scouts don’t like about him?

  • Anonymous

    Just a note, Panchito, Drew was recruited during during the Dorrell era – he came over to UCLA from Colorado with Eric Bieniemy.

  • Jay

    Drew was from Norcal. De la salle (Concord).


    Thank goodness basketball season was such a huge success.

  • Anonymous

    The problem with Harwell is that he’s a tweener. He’s a little small to play DT or even 3-4 end and he’s too slow to play 4-3 end.

  • Anonymous

    Scouting departments are biased against UCLA, or don’t pay attention. Chris Horton fell to the 7th round last year, and he is a starter and rookie of the year canidate in 08. Horton was an awesome safety in college and there was nothing wrong with his 40 time, size, turning ability, etc. What I’m guessing is these guys go visit SUC and are too lazy or too sprung on their players to bother sitting in traffic or staying an extra night to see UCLA. It would be really dumb if Harwell went undrafted after being a top 100 recruit out of HS and having a very good career at UCLA

  • TrublueBruin Gal

    Next year will be better

  • Blue Bruin

    Ah, yes, the perennial “wait until next year” for Bruin football. Don’t you just love it?

  • Rick Neuheisel’s Financial Planner / Bookie

    Odds are, next year will be the same when the NFL Draft rolls around. Not many good draft prospects yet in Westwood – unless we’re talking about beer.