Leadership roles

One thing a lot of players are telling me is UCLA tight end Logan Paulsen is doing a fantastic job as a team leader. He is very involved in the workouts and with making sure the offense continues to work hard.

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  • Thymoid

    Does Logan want to play basketball next season too???

  • so west Coast

    i’m excited for this dude to plow down the field and get us some good yards this fall

  • Bruin4ever15

    I had the pleasure living next to Paulsen and Ekbatani last year in the dorms. Both of them are really nice guys. Always had a smile on their face and always saw them studying hard late at night in the study lounges.

  • 89-69 Villanova

    UCLA has a football team? Maybe we should play them, too. Sounds like another guaranteed victory for an East Coast school.

  • so west Coast

    ahaha, that was the lamest diss attempt i’ve ever heard. take that weak stuff back– sit down, think about it reallllly hard, and try again.

  • Anonymous

    Scoreboard, baby, scoreboard. That’s all I need to think about. What a beautiful game! What a beautiful victory! On to the Final Four, baby! You can watch at home – as usual.

  • so west Coast

    as usual huh…that’s interesting. come out from under your rock buddy.