Answers, Part X

Here is the ninth set of answers:

Presupposing you know enough about Stover, is there any current Pac 10 player that he could be compared to (or might develop in to)?
Sorry, but I don’t like to compare players. I find it unfair to the player to do so.

If Holiday was to go to the NBA…any guess on his projected place in the draft?
No, that is what this whole thing is about. If I knew, he would know, and then a decision would be easier to make.

Have you had the chance to watch and/or meet any of the new class of BB recruits? If so, are there any that stand out and impress you as either players or persons?
I’ve met them all, but I don’t really have an impressions.

Given the makeup of next year’s basketball team, has Coach Howland given any indication on whether or not he will utilize a more wide open offensive approach?
No. Every year he says he wants to run and play an open offense, but only if UCLA rebounds and defends well.

For next season, don’t you think Howland is going to have to loosen the reigns and just throw some of the big guys in the mix…whether they’re ready or not by his standards?
No. Howland is not going to change. He is what he is. It’s the same question that has been asked after the last two seasons. I understand what you are saying, but I don’t see it changing. He will only play the young big guys if he needs to.

For Anderson and Holiday’s summer development, is Howland going to give them some sort of manual on how to properly dribble around the perimeter for 30 seconds?
No, they already have it. It’s part of the freshmen initiation.

Basketball home jerseys are white but football home jerseys are colored. Is there a reason? Has it always been that way?
I don’t know. It’s been that way for a long time. And from what I remember, many football teams wear colored jerseys at home and basketball usually wear white at home.

Brian do you think the Bruins will be able to keep pace with a more experianced USC bball team next year?
So, who is coming back for USC? Is DeRozan leaving? How ’bout Taj Gibson and Daniel Hackett? And what about Jrue Holiday at UCLA? I’d like to have those answers before making a decision.

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  • Bob

    The white jerseys at home for b-ball became the norm sometime after the early 70’s, although some teams preferred them before then.

  • JohnG

    More experienced southern cal bb team?

    That’s an oxymoron if I’ve ever heard one!

  • PeterUCLA

    A $UC bball team “More experienced” in what, losing?