Answers, Part XI

Here is the 11th set:

Other than for “traditional reasons” why doesnt the Bruins wear diffrent bball jersey’s?Is that addidas’s call?A UCLA blackout jersey would be nice!
It is UCLA’s call, and if I remember correctly, loads of folks didn’t like when Steve Lavin did it. Also, I’m sure UCLA will do it again right after North Carolina, Duke and Kentucky go that way.

Mark Whicker (Orange County Register) hints that Drew Gordon might transfer. Have you heard this rumor yourself, and can you comment on it?
I haven’t read that, nor heard it. And, again, I don’t deal in rumors, I deal in fact.

Do you see any of the 3 BBall seniors starting next year?
Yup. I see Dragovic at power forward.

Will Gordon and Bobo go home for summer or stay at UCLA?
I don’t know, but if I had to guess right now, I’d say stay at UCLA. It is understood that is the preferred thing to do.

Brian, Did you know that 10% of the population is apparently unable to understand sarcasm?
Except after a fan’s team just lost a game, and then 95 percent don’t understand sarcasm.

What do you think of Drew Gordon as a team leader next year? I think his attitude is an embarrassment to UCLA.
I think he is immature in some of things he does and says, but he always plays hard, and in my book, that is a tremendous asset. That he said, or felt the need to say, certain things this season only illustrates what UCLA’s leadership was really like.

we dont practice zone. we dont practice a full court press. yet howland is supposed to be a coach who pays attention to every detail. am i missing something? what exactly do we practice?
I think you are onto something, but I will say in my time covering Connecticut, I don’t remember them practicing a zone defense, and Jim Calhoun has won two national titles. That said, this was a flawed UCLA team, and you would think they would have at least practiced a press. And as for what they do in practice, I have no idea. Practices are closed.

lavin mentioned something like west-coast teams in the tournament that play at the early 10am time-slot have a very low winning percentage and provided a stat, or something. doesnt that give east-coast teams an unfair advantage? what do u think? what can be done?
I believe that is a load of garbage. UCLA had no trouble crushing Notre Dame with a 10 a.m. start this season, and by the time UCLA played Villanova, the Bruins were in Philly for four days. Plus, UCLA’s chancellor is an expert on time change and biorhythms, and I was told by the staff UCLA was fully acclimated to the time change by the time the game was played.

How seriously is UCLA recruiting Marve? Would he even be eligible to play next season? Are there any concerns about his attitude or the manner in which he left Miami?
I don’t think UCLA is much of a player in the Marve sweepstakes, and by the way, it is UCLA’s decision.

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  • Anonymous

    duke does wear black jerseys. not sure what you’re trying to imply by saying we’ll do it after those schools do.

  • Anonymous

    Brian, I’m a big fan and visit your blog 10-15 times daily, so don’t take this the wrong way. I’m also not the one that is asking the questions, but, I think you are being too dismissive with your rumor responses. The questions that I have seen where you have responded with “I don’t deal in rumor” are explicitly asking you to tell us the facts (i.e., dispel the rumor).

  • Anon

    Maybe the fact that teams lose early tournament games traveling west to east for a morning game in the tournament is because the team is less likely to be favored. If it were one of the better teams it probably would have had a game in the west considering there are so few teams out west anyway.

  • RodneyGuillory

    Dohn Corleone’s comments about Drew Gordon seem to make perfect sense…especially as it relates to a lack of leadership and him speaking up.

  • Anonymous

    brian, spoken like a true east-coast person….its in ur blood, its in ur character, and its in ur nature.

  • Anonymous

    speaking about ur east-coast bias

  • barrya

    not practicing or playing a press? Two things – JRW played a press to quicken the pace of the game, make both teams play faster, increase the number of possessions on each side, believing that the more opportunities both teams had, the more likely it was that his team – the better team with the better players nearly all the time by the time he started using the press – would win. That wasn’t true of this year’s team. Nor does Howland generally want to get into very uppace games, as he believes in winning by strong defense.

    The other thought is simple – why would the coach of a team that was quickness-challenged at at least three of the five positions want to spend a lot of time preparing to play a full court press in which quickness counts so much?

    Just doesn’t make much sense to expect it

  • bbruin

    Mark Whicker never hinted Gordon would transfer. If I recall correctly he will be busy trying to keep Jrue at UCLA.

  • Drew Gordon might transfer?

    Drew Gordon, hoop analyst
    March 23rd, 2009, 11:40 am · Post a Comment · posted by Mark Whicker,
    UCLA’s Ben Howland will have his after-the-demise press conference Tuesday, the earliest he’s had to do that since 2005.

    It won’t be nearly as entertaining as the “exit interview” he’ll have with freshman Drew Gordon, who opined that the Bruins need to rev up their offense.

    It’s nice to have opinions but nicer to voice them when you’ve actually done something.

    UCLA likes to run off its defense, which, against Villanova and other clubs during the season, didn’t exist. Perhaps if someone had joined Alfred Aboya under the basket as a defensive last resort, maybe the Bruins could have fired up their fast break. Gordon would have been a good candidate to do that.

    The likelihood of Howland changing his offense is not as great as the likelihood that Gordon will be sitting out a transfer season somewhere in ‘09-’10.

  • Anonymous

    That sounds to me more like he’s implying that Howland will tell Gordon to transfer in the “exit interview,” not that Gordon wants to or intends to transfer of his own volition.

  • Anonymous

    I do not like the idea of blackout jerseys for the basketball team. stick with the normal colors, the black out jerseys that other teams do is so silly.

  • La Femme Bruin

    Black-out jerseys = BAD IDEA. Every time I’ve seen that done the team doing it loses (think USC last year, and I think Oregon did that too, as well as Georgia (?) in football. They all lost. Stick to the traditional and for heaven’s sake NO NIKE!!!!