Answers, Part XIV

Here is the 14th set:

Is it possible that EJ Woods will receive probation similar to that of Dragovic, or is Dragovic domestic abuse case considered less severe?
I don’t mean to single you out, so I apologize if it comes across that way, but this is the last time I will answer a question about Dragovic. HE IS NOT ON PROBATION. HE NEVER WAS BECAUSE CHARGES WERE NEVER FILED. THEREFORE, HE IS GUILTY OF NOTHING.
Now, I hope that puts an end to it. Woods had charges filed against him, so we shall see how this all plays out.

I know they upgraded the Rose Bowl locker rooms and other facilities lately, have you heard of of any discussion of lowering the field to make the seats behind the bench usable?
I have not heard of that. It would be an interesting thing to do, and would make sense if UCLA was already selling every seat in the house. However, that is not the case, so I don’t think there are any plans to lower the field, which, I believe, Ohio State did a few years back. But I like the question.

Have you heard of UCLA as a possible destination for Stephen Curry’s brother who is transferring from Liberty?
I have not heard that. I will check. Would it be as a walk-on, or a scholarship kid? shows two 2010 recruits, Kenneth Scott WR Colony HS and Demetrius Wright DB Corona HS, as favoring UCLA even though other schools have made offers and UCLA has not. Any knowledge of CRN interest in either of them?
I know UCLA is interested in those players. Before UCLA offers, usually they like to have some transcripts in hand and knowledge of the person’s academic history. Plus, UCLA is taking a different tact in recruiting, and that is waiting to offer kids until they really have had a great chance to sccout them.

Wouldn’t you think that after all the hours CBH spends reviewing tape of opposing team offenses that he would be a more effective coach on the offensive side of the ball?
In talking to folks, I get the sense when Howland watches tape, a lot of times he is watching the defense.

Were you happy w/ how the in-game basketball chats progressed or did you tune out like I did when the same folks routinely used it as a personal chatting venue?
I love chatting with a bunch off the regulars. It was a lot of fun. I just didn’t like the whining that went on during the Villanova game. And as far as a personal chat venue, sometimes it can seem like that because it is hard to sustain two hours of hoops chat, especially during bad games. I like to get to know people, and about them, so I find that stuff enjoyable.

Is it common in other Pac 10 venues for the band to play the same tired songs at every home basketball game? How good/lousy is the UCLA band in your opinion?
Not only do they play the same tired songs, but nearly every band plays the same set of songs, outside of their own fight song. I find UCLA to be in the middle of the Pac-10 band brigade. I know I will take some guff for this (especially if a certain lawyer friend is reading), but I think Cal’s band is the best in the Pac-10.

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  • Anonymous

    Dude, Dohn…you’re whining about the whining more than the whiners were whining.

  • Anonymous


    Every thought of consolidating the questions? It seems you could cut them to a third or a half if you didn’t answer the same questions asked by different people every week.

    For example, the 10 ben howland can’t run an offense questions could have been consolidated to 2 or 3 questions and saved you some time.

    Just an idea…

  • gubon13

    …or people could search the questions already asked before posting theirs.

    And while they’re at it, they could read the previous weeks’ questions and answers, too.

    As a 15+ years in IT guy, I can completely understand the annoyance of being asked the same questions over and over again seemingly because people don’t respect your time and efforts.

  • saxylady

    gubon13 … As a 10+ years in IT gal, I can certainly relate!!!!! Lots of ID-10-T errors out there … and PEBKAC as well!!!!!

  • UCLA78

    DISCLAIMER: I played in my high-school marching band, pep band, and orchestra; I played and marched 1 year with a drum and bugle corps; and I played for 3 years in the University Symphony Orchestra at UCLA. But I never played in the UCLA Band, so I can be completely objective about it.

    I love the UCLA Band and, for the most part, the arrangements written for it. The old nickname, “The Solid Gold Sound” was and still is apt.

    Unlike many college bands, the UCLA band has a very good balance between sections. They sound best when the full complement of 6 sousaphones are there, but still sound great when 5 show up. The trumpet, horn, and trombone sections are terrific. Many other college bands have too many woodwinds, which takes away a lot of the potential power of the groups, because those instruments don’t project well within a large arena (or out on a football field, for that matter).

    Another thing that makes UCLA’s band superior to many others, especially in basketball arenas, is the drum section. Not only are they terrific players, with excellent arrangements, but they are well balanced with the rest of the band. SOOOO many college bands are overpowered by drums that are WAY too loud (in part because of there being too many of them, and in larger part because the drummers bang on them much too hard, to the point where they drown out the other sections). This is worse in basketball arenas than football stadiums, but a problem wherever it is. (Stanford’s band, as crazy and fun as they can be, are probably the worst in this respect.)

    Yes, UCLA’s band plays many of the same tunes every game, but I like a lot of them. I mentioned above that I like the arrangements. One reason is that they are written “thick,” meaning with multi-part harmonies. This is something the UCLA Band people brought with them from their drum and bugle corps backgrounds (I’m pretty sure I heard that’s where they came from). Instead of the 3 or 4-part harmonies you hear in most college bands, with UCLA’s band you hear a lot of 5-part harmonies. That makes a huge difference, and is a BIG reason the UCLA Band, to my musical ear, SOUNDS a lot better than many other college bands.

    I don’t disagree that they should expand the repertoire, but hey, I’m very happy with how good they sound playing what they do play.

  • heyeug

    I want to comment on the best band topic. I am a lifelong Bruin fan (since the early 70s) and maintained my devotion to the Bruins even while attending Cal as an undergrad. However in my opinion, the Cal band is much better than the UCLA band.

    Let’s start with the outfits–UCLA’s band looks like it just came back from a Hawaiian vacation while the Cal band has a cool collegiate look with the strawhats and blue vests. The songs played by the Cal band are simply awesome, starting with the song they play to begin every game (sorry don’t know the name). Watching the band strut onto the basketball court (or football field) with the tuba players in full high-kicking stride is a sight and sound to behold. Regrettably UCLA doesn’t have a comparable tune, only the same fight song that it (ahem) “borrowed” from Cal. Finally, Haas Pavilion (or Harmon Gym in my day) is much cozier than Pauley and so the acoustics are enhanced, which gives the Cal band another advantage. When I used to watch Cal at home games, the experience with the Cal band and frenzied student section (literally a few feet from the sidelines) was unparalleled.

    Also let’s not forget Cal’s Oski, probably the best college mascot in the nation, next to which Joe and Josie Bruin pale in comparison. (Sorry but I have to be honest.)

    Of course on the court where it counts, the Bruins tower over the Golden Bears. Although it would be fascinating to look into a crystal ball and see what might have been if Pete Newell had not left Cal in the early 60s…

  • PeterUCLA

    Sorry heyeug, but I question your loyalty and observations.

    First, the Berkeley mascot is downright creepy looking and resembles a weasel more than a bear. Joe and Josie are way better and can actually dance.

    The UCLA band plays much better arrangements and does not have the extremely “brassy” sound that the Berkley band does. The straw hat thing is stupid and outdated, whereas the Hawaiian shirts are perfectly SoCal.

    UCLA’s Sons of Westwood version is much smoother than the staccato Berkeley version and Mighty Bruins is a great fight song as well.

    Finally, let’s not forget the UCLA dance team and cheerleaders who totally outclass the clowns from Cal.

  • Gabe Green


    No offense taken. But if someone who committed a crime did not have charges filed against them assuming they stay down for a year, that is a form of probation.. Agreed?

  • Anonymous


    i think you do a good job but i want to make sure you understand the Drago process. what appears to have happened is that he committed an offense but the prosecutors appeared to view it as de minimus, although granted, i don’t know what happened and i’m basing that on various press reports. you are correct, he is NOT on court ordered probation because he was not charged, but that one comment above is correct too, it is a pseudo-probation in the sense that charges can still be filed if the prosecutors want to do so (presumably to be done if Drago offends again). some places call this “D.A. probation”. though in this case its the city attorney. the most important inquiry IMO is WHETHER DRAGO ACTUALLY hurt that girl. if he did, that’s a problem and i think UCLA should discipline him whether charges got filed or not. if he didn’t, then that’s a good thing. none of us know. the prosecutors don’t know. only Drago and the girl really know.

  • Anonymous

    and the physician who treated her knows, too, as well as her parents, girlfriends, teachers, roommates, and the rest of the basketball team … this is definitely not a case of no-harm, no-foul

  • heyeug

    Peter: Not sure why you would question my loyalty but that is your prerogative.

    As for my observations, I don’t know why you consider Oski to be “creepy” looking. He is nothing of the kind. He is very humorous and adds a lot of character to the sideline ensemble. As for the Cal band being “brassy”, I’m not sure, you may be right, but I enjoy their sound. Why you would consider Hawaiian shirts perfectly suitable for southern California strikes me as odd–this is not the South Pacific.

    I don’t understand why you feel the need to put down the cheerleaders/dance team of another school. I too prefer the UCLA squad, but I question your own sense of self worth if you must put others down to make your point.

    In any case, if you prefer the UCLA band, that’s fine because that’s your own taste. My preference is the Cal band and the atmosphere they create inside the arena. This has nothing to do with what team I root for on the floor. I’m just flexible enough to say that I don’t consider everything from UCLA to necessarily be my favorite.

  • La Femme Bruin

    The Cal bear looks like a dog. A really creepy biologically altered dog. Just saying….

  • george

    that cal thing is definitely creepy looking. and for gods sake keep it away from joe. if i ever see it trying to hump joe’s leg again it will trigger nightmares.