Answers, Part XV

Here is the 15th set of answers:

Any truth to the rumors on the following:
a home-and-home series w/ UNLV in college basketbal
a Pac-10 network/channel (similar to the Big-10 Network, Big East Network, and even The Mtn. (yup, even the mighty Mountain West Conference has their own channel)
I will check on everything you mentioned, but a home-and-home with UNLV in basketball doesn’t sound like something Howland would do. I know UCLA agreed to a home-and-home in football, which was reported during the offseason.
I’m sure every conference will have their own television channel at some point, but I don’t know about the timeliness of one for the Pac-10.

I don’t know who signed in with my user name, but it was not me asking about breaking any questions record. I am not trying to annoy anyone…just have questions for the blog. I thought sign-ins were unique. What can you do about this Dohn?
I will check and see if something can be done. Email me so I can forward your email stuff to our tech guys.

For the BBall team who do you see CBH relying on for the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd shot next season? I don’t see any reliable shooters outside Drago and Roll.
Again, who will be on the team. Is Holiday here? If not, I’m going with Roll, Dragovic and someone who needs to develop in that way.

Even if Jrue comes back, his shot doesn’t seem consistent? Do players work with a shooting coach during the off season? Do you think any other players need to work on their shooting mechanics?
If players have a shooting coach, they can work with them. However, much of it is done with the staff. No one is going to do something without Howland’s blessing. And everyone needs to work on their mechanics. Roll is the closest thing to be perfect mechanically, but even he needs slight adjustments now and again.

What’s your opinion on Josh Smith, the 2010 basketball recruit from Kentwood HS in Washington? It has been said that he is Howland’s priority. Do you think he will end up in Westwood?
I don’t have an opinion about him as a player. As far as where he winds up, I keep hearing Washington right now, which is opposite of what I was hearing a few months ago. That said, as I sit here today, I’m going with UCLA.

Seems like UCLA has some pretty good prospects in Prince and Brehaut at QB…what exactly would Marve add to the mix? Do you think he would start or end up as a high profile backup like Mustain at USC?
Marve or Witt would add depth. UCLA will lose Kevin Craft and Osaar Rasshan after the season, and transfers are possible from some of the underclassmen. That said, UCLA needs depth, and it wouldn’t be a bad thing to have a junior come in just in case.

CForce and Osar seem like the odd men out. Has either of them expressed a desire to change positions so they can get on the field?
Let’s just put it this way – if either was open to a position change, it would have already taken place.

What do you know about Patrick Witt and what would he add to the UCLA QB situation if he comes to Westwood?
I know he is a very polite kid to speak with. My understanding is he could do well in offensive coordinator Norm Chow’s system. He’s a big, smart kid who, according to someone I trust, is a perfect West Coast offense quarterback. And, yes, Chow runs a West Coast offense-type system.

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