Medder to Tulsa

Donte Medder, a point guard out of Arizona whom UCLA was recruiting in case Jrue Holiday leaves early for the NBA, committed to Tulsa, according to the Tulsa World.

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  • Anonymous


    Did you mention that UCLA was chasing a junior college point guard as a back up plan if Jrue leaves early or was Medder the only back up plan?

  • 89-69 Villanova


    As promised, Nova shows it’s one of the finest basketball programs in the country!

  • RodneyGuillory

    Best of luck, 89-69 Villanova…get to the final four two more times in a row and then we’ll be even!

  • Larry

    I actually wish Nova all the best. I don’t like when UCLA loses in the big dance… but if we must, there’s something to be said about losing to the team that goes all the way. Florida did this to us back to back, Memphis knocked us out last year and ALMOST (and actually should have) won the whole thing… now… hey, I hope Nova goes all the way.

  • Johnny Angel

    Villanova is winning by the graces of the referees. I caught a couple of minutes of the V vs Pitt game when the score was in the fifties and the refs swallowed their whistles. In the few minutes of viewing V players were not called on ten plus fouls.

    That is the style of play and refereeing that sent the NBA into decline. Other schools should recruit such lesser talented hacks and turn the game into hockey so that the refs must begin to make the calls.