More football

I’ll have some stuff throughout the day, but here’s a couple more quick hitters from UCLA coach Rick Neuheisel’s teleconference:
–S E.J. Woods, who was charged with six misdemeanors earlier this month, will practice.
–S Aaron Ware has been having hamstring issues and his status for Thursday’s start of spring practice is uncertain.
–Neuheisel said the punting game is a question until Jeff Locke proves he can do it.
–Neuheisel on JUCO OL Eddie Williams: “Hope he can get through what he needs to get through and be part of the team.”
–Neuheisel also said Sean Sheller (knee) is 100 percent and ready for practice.
–Today is the first day of the spring quarter, and freshman QB Richard Brehaut and JUCO OL Ryan Taylor are enrolled.

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  • RodneyGuillory

    I’m a big fan of innocent until proven guilty, but assuming that the five misdemeanors are separate issues then this doesn’t look good. I’d rather have less talent and more dignity.

  • bruins_united

    let’s hope this EJ woods thing doesnt become a curtis williams, jerramy stevens, and jeremiah pharms thing similar to UW.

  • cv

    The status of Woods should not be a surprise to anyone.

  • Rodney Guillory

    Funny, because you have no talent and no dignity.

  • Aussie Bruin

    What’s the comment re Williams??? What does he need to get through?? Is it grades? Work ethic? Illness? Personal issues? Legal issues? Weight issues? Speaking in public? Cross dressing? is he thinking about bolting out of the closest? Does he hate Rick? What gives here????

  • lavsmousse

    Williams, like most all JC transfers, needs to get his grades in order.

  • Slick Rick

    Not a surprise that RN would let EJ Woods practice. Follows the pattern at CU and UW.