Rosario’s jumping

UCLA receiver Nelson Rosario, who is a freshman, had a season-best 24-2.50 in the long jump at the California/Nevada championships Saturday to finish second.
The jump qualified Rosario for the regional qualifier, which he must compete in to get into the nationals
Rosario will now take a break from track and field for spring football practice, which begins Thursday.
On another track note, junior pole vaulter Katy Viuf jumped the 14-1.25 over the weekend. it is the top height in the United States this season, and second highest in the world. She is in her second season as a full-time pole vaulter after spending her freshman year as a UCLA cheerleader.

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  • Anonymous

    Wow, that’s awesome for Katy! I was fortunate enough to know Katy her freshmen year as we were on the Spirit Squad together and she is a great person and an incredible athlete. She was the best tumbler on the cheer squad as she was a gymnast prior to coming to UCLA.

    I remember when she was just starting off on the pole vaulting stuff and eventually became a walk-on. Now to see her doing this well in just a couple years is amazing. I wish her the best for the rest of the track and field season.

  • saxylady

    I was one of the USATF officials working at the long jump. Nelson is a very nice young man and really enjoys doing the track & field thing as well as football!! He also competed in the high jump!!!

  • Bruingold82

    Must… resist comments.. about pole jumping cheerleaders…. *SO TOUGH*

  • Bruin1970

    Brian: Thanks for including big news stories from track and field and other sports. There is more to UCLA sports than just football and basketball and other sports deserve a place in your blog. Katy Viuf the former cheerleader now elite pole vautler is a great story.

  • captainqtp

    Did the headline on this post scare anyone else? When I was browsing the headlines, I read this one as Rosario(is) jumping like a contraction instead of the possessive. I thought, jumping what? jumping ship? Oh no!