UCLA and Branden Warner

I am hearing it is growing more and more unlikely Compton College defensive tackle Brandon Warner will be at UCLA in the summer because of transcript issues. Furthermore, I am hearing Warner could wind up at New Mexico State.

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  • Anonymous

    OK….which one is it…transcripts cant be released due to $ , or he cant get in due to lack of good grades? I mean if they wont release the transcripts period, he wont be able to get into ANY college if im not mistaken?

  • Nathan Exp

    Coach Walker is probably very happy about how this situation is developing.

  • lavsmousse

    I think the story about the unpaid bills was just a smoke screen to cover up the fact Warner wasn’t going to have the grades to get admitted. He seemingly doesn’t have the character to just own up to it. This is why it’s such a waste of time to get excited over JC transfers until they are actually admitted.

  • El Cajon Bruin

    Anonymous took the words out of my mouth. Does NMSU not require transcripts?

  • Brian Dohn

    I am hearing it is not just the money that is an issue with Warner and his transcripts.

  • James T. Kirk


  • BruinChick

    What else are you hearing Dohn? =)

  • amm

    Can you elaborated on those issues?
    ALL HAIL DOHN!!!!!!

  • amm

    Don’t be so judgemental without knowing any facts.

  • cv

    He was never coming once coach Walker left, he was marginal when he commited