UCLA’s QB depth

With Chris Forcier transferring, it leaves UCLA’s quarterback depth lacking for the 2010 season, which is why UCLA is looking at Nebraska transfer Patrick Witt.
Kevin Craft and Osaar Rasshan are seniors, and the other scholarship quarterbacks in the program are Kevin Prince (who will be a red-shirt sophomore in 2010), Richard Brehaut (he will be a red-shirt freshman or true sophomore) and Nick Crissman (he will be a red-shirt sophomore).
The Bruins also plan on bringing in a true freshman in the 2010 class, so Witt would still be the elder statesman of the group.
Also, UCLA coach Rick Neuheisel said he it did not look like Crissman (shoulder surgery) would be available for spring practice.

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  • “Richard Brehaut (he will be a red-shirt freshman or true sophomore)”

    Huh, am I missing something or is this a typo? Is there any reason he wouldn’t be a true freshman?

  • BruinChick

    Ugh. I’d really love to get some really great news once in a while.

  • OH We’re talking about 2010, I see now.

  • lavsmousse

    QB depth is a great thing to possess, but if we have to run a 4th string qb out there, we have big problems regardless. Calling John Barnes, please come in.

  • Anonymous

    funny, i thought UCLA was stockpiling “top” QB’s… hmmm i guess ev was wrong

  • Blue Bruin

    Given the rash of injuries the past couple of years, I guess you can never have too many QBs. But let’s hope Brehaut and Prince aren’t as fragile as Olson and Cowan.

  • bruindodger

    Hey, Cowan is no by no means fragile. He had heart and played his heart out for UCLA. Don’t bash him because of a freak injury or Olson curse. I will give you Olson as fragile, but Cowan is the kind-of-with-heart quarterback any program would want. Look at his recruitment and how he came on because his brother played at UCLA, but he had heart. He is a great kid and role model to follow for UCLA kids. Can’t recall a more humbled and caring kid like him. Please don’t bash a kid who JUST wanted to be a BRUIN and played his heart out every game to the best of his abilities.

  • Blue Bruin

    Not bashing anybody…just pointing out Cowan spent a lot of time on the sidelines.

  • ev

    Bringing in Witt is meaningless as to stockpiling. He is a transfer and upper classman. The main issue with stockpiling is class spacing, not just quantity of QBs on scholarship. For 2010, UCLA will have 4 QBs either freshman or sophomores…someone (if not two) in that group will leave as they know they will never see the field. It’s the same reason you don’t bring in two QBs in the same class…history is your friend.

    Why do you think Rick is looking at Witt, it’s about class spacing.