• bruins_united

    this is most-definitely UCLA related as it pertains to stuff goin on in the pac!

    kinda funny that just a year ago tony bennet turned down jobs (so we think) at indiana and LSU..

    only to take the UVA job this year.

  • BruinGirl

    Wow, that’s huge. He’s a great coach and I’m glad to get rid of him so he/WSU won’t bedevil the Bruins for the near term.

  • Bad day for the PAC-10. Being down this year and losing a Coach like Tony Bennett sucks. He’s a fine coach and a great hire for Virginia.

  • Anonymous

    Unless Mark Few of Gonzaga decides to move from next door…

  • Sleepy LaBeef

    Must respectfully disagree with you, BruinGirl. Bennett is a class act, a young coach who carried himself in a dignified manner (ok, maybe just a little bit whiny at times), treated his players well, and did an excellent job of representing WSU and the Pac-10. I enjoyed watching his well-coached teams compete. Competition is good. We’d all be bored if we had nothing but weak coaches in the conference, and the Pac-10 is not looking all that strong these days anyway. I would love to see Coach Bennett succeed in the ACC. He will be missed.

  • Steve

    Wow…now WSU will sink back to the doormat they were before the Bennetts arrived.

    Good luck Tony in the ACC!


  • Slippery Pete

    This is a huge loss for the Pac X. I was just commenting to a friend how, despite the showing in this years tounament, the Pac has a really good crop of young coaches that will keep it competitive for years to come. I hope Wazzu is able to bring another quality coach who can bring good players to the Palouse. Good luck to Coach Bennett and I hope he is able to beat up on Dooke twice (or thrice) a year for quite a while.

  • lavsmousse

    Klay Thompson committed to play for Bennett at WSU, it will be interesting to see if he sticks around for the remainder of his eligibility. Whats a better gig, the HC at Virginia or Arizona?

  • Cheeseburger

    Thanks for the great info today Dohn.

    You put the smack down today on BH/TP on BRO.

    You are the scoop master. lol

  • Larry

    Bad news for the Pac. Love to get the top coaches in the conf… makes competition tough, get’s national attention, the best recruits, and preps teams for the big dance. Here’s to hopin’ Patino goes to AZ (p.s. I can’t STAND AZ so that’s saying a lot about the desire to keep the Pac strong).

  • HomeBru

    It sucks to think that pac 10 teams (even in pullman, wa) are being used as stepping stones. Unlike Trent Johnson, I like this guy, so this one is especially disappointing.

  • Yama

    “CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. — The University of Virginia says new men’s basketball coach Tony Bennett has agreed to “a memorandum of understanding” that will be pay him $1.7 million annually for five years.”



  • pr

    Lavin is my choice. I wouldn’t want a quality coach to the cougs.