Kahlil Bell’s day

Kahlil Bell said he wanted to improve the 4.78 seconds he ran in the 40-yard dash at the NFL combine in February, but he didn’t better it by much. He clocked in at 4.74, according to some of the scouts at UCLA’s pro day.
Bell said he’s hoping he is judged on the total package, and not just how quick he covers 40 yards in a non-football setting.

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  • Anonymous

    Home field times aren’t given as much respect as unbiased ones taken at the combine. I seem to remember a large list of guys at Florida who supposedly ran sub 4.3’s.

  • lavsmousse

    Though I love Kahlil’s courage, sadly for him hope has no power

  • J

    Someone should give him a shot. If he doesn’t get injured he is and NFL back. Dude can run, we just never had a good line for him.

  • pr

    Lets be honest about Khalil Bell. The last two guys to make it to the NFL from UCLA (Deshawn Foster/MJD)were exceptional athletes on the field and at the combines. They had that “it” factor that you see in all great backs. Khalil Bell never put together a complete season and flash here or there doesn’t cut it. Hope he is studying for the GMAT.