Lockett, Cowan excel

Safety Bret Lockett and quarterback Patrick Cowan had very good days. Lockett ran a 4.45 and a 4.49 in the 40-yard dash, had a vertical jump of 36 inches and benched pressed 225 pounds 19 times despite barely training for it because of the forearm break he suffered at the end of the season.
Cowan looked sharped throwing the ball. He was accurate and showed good arm strength, according to several scouts I spoke with afterward.

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  • kev

    Love the great coverage you’re providing here Brian!

  • Anonymous


    Get ready for the onslaught of hypothetical questions asking how different last season would have been if Cowan had been healthy.

  • VB

    Great. The schlubs are finally going to come alive in their pro careers, but couldn’t do jack for us when they played here.

    And before you morons begin to ramble about how Cowan “led us to victory over USC,” it was our defense who won that game, not Cowan.

    Cowan and Olson are gone forever… DING DONG THE WITCH IS DEAD!

  • Anonymous

    So, the defense put up that TD? The defense scrambled out of the pocket when needed?

    The defense did it’s job that day and admirably, but Cowan took lemons and made a little bit of lemonade for the O.

  • Anonymous

    the Defense played great, and Cowan played great. I refuse to let VB and his hoodlum friends ruin that day for me. It was a great day!

  • La Femme Bruin

    VB must not understand the game of football. You can’t win the game unless some points are put up on the board. And since our defense did not score any points, I would say that the collaborative efforts of defense, offense and special teams won the game. Cowan is tough, has strong leadership, and there is no quit in that boy. I wish all the participants the best of luck. Bruins repreSENT!!!!!


    Let me just say in a few short words, that the real NFL Pro Day will take place tomorrow at Howard Jones Field. While I admire Sir Patrick Cowan’s valiant efforts in the infamous 13-9 game, his on-the-field resume leaves a lot to be desired. One game performance does not make a good Professional Football player, as evidenced by Sir Vince Young.

    I have not heard of this Brett Lockett player before, so his on-the-field accomplishments must not have been worthy of note on the Internets or traditional media outlets such as the Los Angeles Times, Sports Illustrated, Daily News, or Orange County Register.

    I do not favour predictions as predictions tend to be extremely unreliable, but it is my opinion that the NFL Franchises will fail to draft any player from UCLA this year. Apologies in advance if this upsets any readers, but that is my prediction. On the other hand, it appears that the Football Programme across town will have a record number of 1st round draftees. Cheers!


  • Jon Camille

    “Internets” your too funny John. And Vince Young was in the running for the Heisman Trophy before the SUC game.

    Stop assuming and stop “predicting” since obviously you do not know much.

  • Aussie Bruin

    Lawyer John! You’re back! Great news. Or…is it somebody pretending to be the Honorable and Highly Esteemed Lawyer John??? To wit…show us your credentials, Dear Sir. I will not pay heed to anything this ‘new’ Lawyer John states unless he quotes several miserable and agonizingly vitriolic torts relative to the pathetic play of last year’s football team. And, La Femme Bruin, you absolutely fascinate and intrigue me. Perhaps we could meet some time in the Student Union for a hot toddy or three. Aaahhhh. Keep up the good work, Brian!! And, yes, several UCLA players will be chosen to play in the NFL this year…Harwell being the most obvious. And as far as Pat Cowan is concerned, I’m sure the Denver Broncos are sending out feelers because they are holding an empty bucket of QBs at the moment. Who needs Jay Cutler??? Go, Pat, the SUC Beater!!!