Quarterback U?

Rick Neuheisel, a former UCLA quarterback and coach who tutored Troy Aikman, wants to bring the swagger back to the quarterback position.
“I think we are going to have ourselves a position that we can be proud of,” he said. “I think we will get the quarterback position back to where we all believe it should be, which is one of nation’s finest. I believe we have that in our coach and now it’s time to play like that, so hopefully we can do it.
“It won’t happen overnight. (Kevin Prince) is a freshman. There’s going to be some growing pains, but I do believe it is the right move and I’m anxious to see how it progresses as we get into fall camp.”

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In Prince’s words

Kevin Prince said he thought the job was his to lose when he was taking reps with the first string.
“Well, I’m pleased,” Prince said. “I feel spring went pretty well. Obviously, I have lot to work on. We still have long way to go as an offense, especially myself. I’m pleased. It’s nice to be named the starting quarterback, to have that title and go into the offeseaon with it.”

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Forcier’s future

Chris Forcier still is undecided about whether he’ll remain a receiver with the Bruins or transfer.
“Chris is making all the determinations,” Rick Neuheisel said. “He was excited about the wide receiver position. He hasn’t ruled out getting the chance to play quarterback somewhere else. If he chooses to do that, we wish him well.”

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Why Prince?

Here’s what Rick Neuheisel said initially on this morning’s conference call in which he named freshman Kevin Prince his starting quarterback.
“We’ve decided Kevin Prince is going to be our starting quarterback,” Neuheisel said. “It’s no secret he was getting the lion’s share of the reps with the first team. I felt he had the requisite skills to be given that opportunity, and we wanted to see what he can do with it. While there were growing pains, I still believe he showed the necessary poise and understanding of what Norm (Chow) is trying to get taught, not only at the position but also managing the game. There’s a huge upside for Kevin. We’ll give him the chance to be our starting quarterback.”

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Football schedule addition

UCLA has added a three-game series with Nevada. The series starts with a game at the Rose Bowl in 2013.
Here’s the release from UCLA:

UCLA will host the Wolf Pack at the Rose Bowl on August 31, 2013 and Sept. 19, 2015. The Bruins will travel to Reno on Sept. 17, 2016.

“Nevada is one of the top programs in the Western Athletic Conference,” said head coach Rick Neuheisel. “In addition, two of the three games are at the Rose Bowl. Reno is an easy trip from Los Angeles, so hopefully, a lot of Bruin fans will go to support us.”

Other schools scheduled to play at Nevada in the next few seasons include Missouri, Oregon and Arizona.

UCLA’s future non-conference schedules include San Diego State (Sept. 5 at home), Tennessee (Sept. 12) and Kansas State (Sept. 19 at home) in 2009; Kansas State (Sept. 4), Houston (Sept. 11 at home) and Texas (Sept. 18) in 2010; Houston (Sept. 3), San Jose State (Sept. 10 at home) and Texas (Sept. 17 at home) in 2011; Rice (Sept. 1), Nebraska (Sept. 8 at home) and Houston (Sept. 15 at home) in 2012; and Nevada (August 31) and Nebraska (Sept. 14) in 2013.

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