Pro day stuff, and Chow contract talk

Here is a short I wrote for today’s paper about UCLA coach Rick Neuheisel’s desire to add another year onto offensive coordinator Norm Chow’s contract, as well as a notebook I wrote off UCLA’s pro day.
Also, the New Orleans Saints were showing some interest in safety Bret Lockett, who could be an interesting person to follow because of his size (6-foot-1, 212 pounds) and his athleticism. His drawback is a lack of experience.

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  • The UCLA beaurocrats will never understand business.
    Pay for top coaches and the school will make more money.
    Pay for crap coaches like the Doofus and Lavin and revenues along with interest and publicity evaporate.


  • UnderachievingTroy

    While we’re at it, let’s erect a statue of Norm, and start a petition to rename the Heisman Trophy after him. After that, we can change it “Norm Chow Field at The Rose Bowl” since his offense was so offensive last season. Then we can hold a parade in downtown Westweird. We can have Dohn serve as grand marshall. Go Norm!

  • rationalista

    good thing the state isn’t in need of money and can throw it into a state funded school’s athletic program.

  • Fightin’ Bruin

    Chow is just a man who’s main focus is on beating Pete Carroll, I say he ends up at Notre Dame. Their backup QB has more potential than UCLA’s top two combined.

  • RodneyGuillory

    How many times do trOJies try to make an arguement that because UCLA is a public school that they’re paying for the team? UCLA Athletics is a self supporting entity. I feel like Dohn having to repeat himself over and over about some topics, gesh!

  • Bruintx

    If we could get all season seat holders to kick in $10 per seat, we’d have plenty for Norm! I’ll happily kick in $40 a year for as long as he’ll hang around.

  • pr

    Rodney G. is right. What SucJans fail to realize is that everyone, including illegal aliens, subsidize the Coliseum since it is owned by the State, County and City of Los Angeles. Our tax dollars pay for upkeep of that dump and when you see LAPD patrolling, they are paid by our tax dollars since they City gives SuC fee waivers. SuC is really a private Rent Controled Section 8 Tenant bilking all of us like AIG.

  • lavsmousse

    Lockett? Have the Saints seen game film from last year? If Brett was that athletic, how come he kept getting burned all year long? He’s not even close to Horton in terms of athleticism. This is just another case of trying to create some encouraging news regarding last years seniors. Let them rest in peace.

  • cv

    The athletic department is almost self supporting. I believe general fund money is used to pay for the scholarships.

  • Blue Bruin

    It will be another sad year of Bruin football.