Answers, part 13

Folks, this is the last set of answers today. I thought there would be more until I realized how many of the questions were about Tim Floyd taking the Arizona job, and who would be USC’s new coach.
Keep in mind I will have updates throughout the weekend, including (teaser alert! teaser alert!) an update on an offensive line recruit at some point Sunday.
Now, here is the last set of answers:

Would the football team benefit from closed practices? Is the crowd at practice distracting?
If it does distract UCLA, I would say it is a mentally weak team. Having crowds and open practices doesn’t seem to bother USC, unless you think the Trojans would go undefeated every season if practices were closed.

Would the John Embree hire free up a scholarship since Taylor is family?
No, because Embree will not a full-time coach and his son is already on scholarship at UCLA.

Montana (Nick) to Rice (Jr)! Is UCLA recruiting Nick?
UCLA is recruiting him, but right now he is not on the top of UCLA’s list.

How would you compared Collison to Ty Lawson head to head as individuals?
Based on how Collison played defense much of the season, I think it would be a rough matchp for Collison. I think Lawson could beat Collison off the dribble, and Collison’s inability to consistently hit the jumper this season enabled teams to play off him and cut down his penetration chances.

Has Howland’s accomplishments put UCLA back in the upper echelon of college basketball programs?
I think so. Three straight Final Four appearances is incredible.

Does Brandon Warner have a legitimate shot at starting or playing a key backup role? What is the value he is expected to add?
If he gets into UCLA, and that remains an IF to me, he is expected to compete for a starting spot. If not, he will have to play a key backup role because UCLA’s depth at the position is not great. His value is he is expected to stop the run and gobble up tackles when Brian Price is double teamed.

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  • devildog_bruin

    Thank you Brian, for your hard work and dedication in covering UCLA.