Holiday putting name into NBA draft

Toya Holiday, the mother of UCLA freshman guard Jrue Holiday, said her son is declaring for the NBA draft.
“It’s the truth,” she said. “He is putting him name in.”
Holiday is not immediately signing with an agent, meaning he has until June 15 to remove his name and return to UCLA.

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  • BigTimeBruin

    Elated that our program will have 1st round draft picks again, and I’m excited for his future in the NBA. However, it’s too bittersweet. I wish he’d give us another year.

  • Anon

    It’s clear your dream is to go to the NBA and not play with us anymore. Thanks for your hard work and best of luck to you. Now please just sign with an agent and move on already so we can recruit another guard.

  • rejn

    Obviously he is not making the decision based on his play during the season. If he can’t do well in college, what makes him think he can make it in the pros? Yes, I know, it’s all based on potential. And of course the “all mighty” dollar. NOT a wise decision, and that surprises me. And, at the same time, if he’s not hiring an agent and waiting until June to decide, considering how much that could impact his college team for next year, well, there’s some selfishness there, and really not much of a character type move considering what Howland is doing to help him get to the next level.

  • bruins_united

    IMO, this means nothing. this is clearly the best decision for him to make. he’s testing the waters. doesn’t mean he is gone. this way he gets evaluated by professionals and he gets to a real idea of where his game needs to improve.

    as posted earlier.. if he really does leave, then i hope he signs with an agent sooner than later!! even tho i think our back court will surprise people next year.

  • Anonymous

    Yes, good luck to you Jrue in the second to third round. Basketball is a team sport. Stop thinking about yourself and sign with an agent so that your former team can replace you ASAP. Otherwise, your procastination will hurt us in landing recruits.

  • Anon

    *sigh* Just another bust. Does nothing while he’s here and takes the easy way out. Awesome. Do us a favor, don’t come back.

  • VBs Cat

    lol…Love all these haters. The same people who i bet ask him for his autograph after the games.

    As a UCLA fan it sucks to see this but Its his life, let him decide whats best for HIM, not rejn, not Anon, not Anonymous, not VBs cat.

    Until i see that he signs with an agent or come June his name hasnt been withdrawn he’s still a BRUIN.

    Good Luck Jrue!

  • Vin

    to the haters – who is thinking about themselves – you or him? this kid can make millions, whether he proved it to you or not. it’s his decision – it’s considered a “weak” class so he’d be crazy to not give it a shot. and if nothing else (as mentioned above) will gain valuable experience/advice. chances are he’ll be back and you’re gonna love him next year.

  • UB (Ultimate Bruin)

    As I said in another post, get over it homers. This is the (sad) world we now live in. I can’t blame Jrue. Best of luck son! I hope you are a Lottery Pick!

    Anyone who says Jrue was a “bust” this year is just being silly. He played within what was given to him. The kid has GAME and he will be a star in the NBA.

  • UB (Ultimate Bruin)

    The problem with one-and-dones at UCLA is that it takes time to learn and be proficient at Howland’s system, particularly defense. K-Love was a very special player. So is Jrue. Could they improve under Howland’s system if they stay? Of course. Will they fail in the NBA if they leave after 1 year? Of course not. Both of these players got to play on the big stage and get their names out there even more. They can go to the NBA camps and try-outs, where they impress the powers-that-be. They see the POTENTIAL and say, ‘Son, you will be a Lottery Pick” or top 20, or first round. Then, they talk to the agents (they haven;t officially hired yet) who say, “Son, that is worth $xM dollars. That is life.

    So as a college fan, I either eat my young and become a serial killer, or I learn to live with it and move forward. I choose to move forward.

  • UB (Ultimate Bruin)

    OMG. These kids are not “slaving away” for our viewing pleasure. They are showcasing their goods for the would-be buyers. Their scholarships provide them the means to get to the next level.

    I am against slavery of any kind. So, I say, they should NOT take that schollie. Instead, they should go to Europe and play for $$$ right out of HS.

    So, Gimme a break. This is a MUTUALLY CONVENIENT arrangement between the university and the player. Each has something to gain. Both are constricted by the NBA’s rules and are making the best of the situation.

  • Anonymous

    Good riddance, at least do one thing for UCLA and hire an agent so UCLA can get Xavier Thames. Jrue was nowhere near as good as his hype and to UB, stop talking. These kids are supposed to be student-athletes who come for a great education/experience, otherwise they should go to Europe and get paid right away. I think UCLA should only be getting true student-athletes and not these one-and-done mercenaries. In fact, I’ll be less and less interested in UCLA basketball if they keep getting these mercenary players, which will mean I spend/give less and less to UCLA basketball.

  • VBs Cat

    oh noes!Anonymous will be spending/giving less to UCLA basketball.
    Please you’ll just be replaced with a real fan next in line.
    Adios! Dont let the door hit you!.

  • Anonymous

    Oh no, a pathetic troll on this blog is making fun of me. I’ve been supporting UCLA athletics for decades and am actually an alumnus of UCLA unlike you.

  • Anonymous

    Jure failed to live up to the hype, there is no debate there, but i dont fault the kid for that. It was unfair to compare him to the likes of Aaron. Certain guys just dont share that fire or passion for the name on the front of the jersey. If you can make your money then go pro more power to you. What bothers me is not that he was a flop, its that he is putting ucla in a tough position, we cant recruit anyone till late June. Cmon you had and have every intention of going pro so go then dont put us at a disadvantage. I hate this one and done rule its ridiculous. If these guys want to go pro out of high school let them. Adopt the baseball policy it would be more fair to the kids, and better for the college game. GO Pro or stay for at least 3 years. Sure every know and then you have guys like Love, Oden, or Carmello who have an immediate impact but its at the point now where if you were in the Rivals top 10 you turn pro no matter what you accomplish at the college level.

  • Anonymous


    Holiday came into the season ranked as one of the top 6 prospects on’s Top 100 and stayed there for much of the season. Toward the end of the season, however, he struggled and his stock started to dip.

    Holiday is expected to stay in the draft if he can get a promise from at least one NBA team that they’d draft him in the lottery. I spoke with a number of NBA GMs and most of them have him ranked somewhere between 8 and 16 on their draft boards. A couple have him even higher and a couple have him in the early 20s.

    “He’s going to be really good,” one NBA GM told “The system that UCLA plays held him back. He’s a much better prospect than what you saw this year. Once he gets into workouts with the Currys and Tyreke Evans[es] of the draft, I think you’ll see him rise into the lottery. He’s got a lot of physical gifts, and he’s got a great basketball IQ.”


    Here’s the link:

  • la-ukla

    I have bagged on Holiday all season to anyone who would listen. I hope he shuts me up by going in the lottery. I’ll even watch some of his NBA games to see his physical gifts on display. I really want to see what basketball IQ Dohn and scouts rave about. We certainly haven’t seen it in one measly, lost year.