Presley’s develoment

I talked to UCLA coach Rick Neuheisel recently about the potential of freshman tight end Morrell Presley. Neuheisel was highly complimentary, but added Presley needs to improve in many areas.
“He’s got a long ways to go before he’s a reliable pass catcher,” Neuheisel said. “He’s got a long ways to go before he knows what he’s doing, but he likes playing football. He’s not shy of contact, he’s not shy of anything.”
Presley said he weighs 213 pounds, but the coaching staff wants him at 220 pounds.
“But I sweat so much I can’t hold weight,” Presley said.

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  • Scott

    Having watched a few practices, Pressley quickly stands out. He exudes confidence and displays athleticism and energy even during mundane drills. He is already making an impact, and seemingly will be a very good player in the future.

  • BruinJigs

    Having gone to a few spring practices it is clear that Presley is an exceptional talent, dare I say a ‘USC’ type of athlete. He stands out and makes beautiful plays; however, he is quick to follow up a great play with a not so great one.

    All to often this spring, he often drops passes that should be caught. To some degree that is to be expected from a freshman, but he needs to make sure he holds onto them. Just a matter of being consistent, he’ll work on it.

    It is also evident that he is a man without a position. Those kinds of players can thrive in college football, but for his long term success, he needs to weigh around 225 by the start of fall. That way, when he lines up at a traditional TE, he will have the ability to powerfully block. All in all, I expect big things from Presley, although, he does need to stop ripping teamates helmets off.

  • Anonymous

    sweat? uuhh morrell, theyre not talking about gaining water. lol.

    we cant wait till u do what ur gonna do man, U DA MAN! go bruins bro!

  • Anonymous

    Agree with Scott & BruinJigs. I watched practice Saturday and yesterday and it was like he was gliding the way he ran. Also, after practice Saturday, I saw him chatting it up with a bunch of recruits. He obviously knew several of them.

  • pr

    Shannon Sharpe rings a bell. This kid has the tools and I can’t wait to see him lined up next to Stan and the X man this fall. Norm must be giddy.

  • Anonymous

    he’s not shy when it comes to punching teammates and ruining morale.

  • Tom

    Obviously you’ve never played. It happens all the time. Boys will be boys and men will be men. It happens on all levels of ball, NFL dudes go at it now and then too. Its a very violent sport that you have to enter a certain mindset. Anon, you must be a condom.