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Here is a light-hitting Q&A with Texas native and UCLA linebacker Kyle Bosworth:

1. What careers are you looking at after football?
Something in business. I’m kind of networking around with people, some of my friends that have graduated already.

2. How do you compare your future Hollywood career vs. your uncle’s (Brian Bosworth)?
I don’t (laughter). I don’t because I’m not going into movies (laughter). You can’t compare it.

3. Biggest difference between defensive coordinators Chuck Bullough and DeWayne Walker?
Intensity. DeWayne was intense, but it’s a different kind of intensity. He was intense about how the defense would have a scheme. He was not a vocal intensity coach. He would show you more on the field. Coach Bullough is a very vocal person, and he’ll get in your face. He’s a pound it, pound it, pound it, detail-oriented coach.

4. Favorite Westwood eatery?
Probably Headlines. I like the Westwood omelet. It’s a breakfast, burger shack type of place.

5. Celebrity crush?
Ah, not really. I mean, I can’t think of one off the top of my head. Ah, Jessica Biel.

6. Does your uncle ever talk about the Bo Jackson play?
No. I’ve seen it. I think it’s definitely controversial, and it’s definitely not a blow-up shot. It was like three yards, a side tackle, and it’s b.s. I don’t know if that’s me being biased, or just seeing it. The only time he’ll ever talk about it is when someone brings it up.

7. Who’s better looking, you or your identical twin, UCLA defensive end Korey?
Me. That’s what everyone tells me.

8. California girls or Texas girls?
Different aspect. Texas girls have that southern accent, which is amazing. Dallas girls are really good looking but California girls have the hype. I’m dating a California girl right now, so California girls.

9. When you cook a steak, marinate or dry rub?
Marinate, because I love worchestershire sauce. I’ll put a little dry rub in there, but I like it juicy.

10. What do you tell out-of-state recruits about UCLA?
It’s got everything. It’s got the beach, got Hollywood, you got money, if you really like that, girls. It’s a great place.

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  • bruinoc

    What do you tell out-of-state recruits about UCLA? “You got money…,” Now there’s an interesting quote. I figured if we were paying our players we’d be getting better players, but I guess I was wrong.

    I like the guy, but c’mon man.

  • PeterUCLA


    I think he means there’s a lot of money her in LA, specifically in the areas surrounding UCLA.

    And, he would be correct.

  • Bruin Fan