Answers, part IX

Here is the ninth set:

What’s the difference between a lottery draft pick and a late first round pick? More importantly, is the difference significant enough for Holiday since he borderline between the two.
The lottery is No. 1-15, and involves the teams that did not make the playoffs. Late draft picks are No. 24 or No. 25 or higher, and the guaranteed money is much less there.

Who is a well known Bruin athlete (currently at UCLA) that volunteers time for charities, schools, etc. that the public may not know about?
I know I see James Washington a lot, and he does great work with his Shelter37 program. He is also very involved in the program.

Can you update us on who is confirmed to walk on the football team this season?
The ones I know are QB Ted Landers of Junipero Serra, LB Robert Franco of San Pedro, WR Jerry Rice Jr. of Atherton Menlo and DL Ryan Schott from Capo Valley.

Do men’s Basketball and football players get multiple jerseys and shoes/cleats throughtout the year? Like if I asked a player for his jersey or game shoes after a game could he give them to me?
They do, but I don’t know whether they will give them to you as the walk off the Rose Bowl field, or off the Pauley Pavilion Court. That would seem odd to me.

Who selects what player # jerseys are sold? Why does Adidas not stock us up with Authentic #1 jerseys for Basketball and football? Every fan thinks his team is #1, so that jersey would sell a lot more than a Olsen,Markey or Shipp jersey.
I know adidas has a big say over it, but if UCLA wanted a number made, I believe they have the power to have that jersey made.

i know the coaching staff is high on Hester…has he progressed since your early April article that documented his instinct to hold? Do u believe he will start when all is done?
He is still holding, and I don’t think that is something that will change right away. It is going to take time. That was less than two weeks ago that I wrote it, and he needs more time to work on things. However, I see no reason why he will not be a starter in September, barring injury, of course.

Are former players allowed to mentor/help train current basketball/football players? (sort of like Kareem mentoring Bynum)
Not really. That is an NCAA violation. I remember a few years ago Ben Howland talked about getting Reggie Miller to help one of his players (Josh Shipp, I believe), but was told it was a violation to do so.

Is there anything new to report on UCLA wearing throwbacks during the football year?
Not that I hear, but I will check with my folks and see what is going on.

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  • rejn

    Brian – regarding this years walk-ons, I believe you overlooked D Papadakis. Right?

  • VBs Cat

    Drew Gordon threw his jersey into the crowd after their last home game against Oregon. thought that was pretty cool

  • Fan4Life

    There was a game at UNC one year when Earl Watson gave his jersey to a young girl. He had ran her over or fell on top of her while going after a ball. I don’t think she was hurt but that gesture has always stuck with me. You wonder what impact if any did that gesture make in that young girl’s life.