Answers, Part XI

Thanks for the questions this week. Here is the last set of answers:

about silent commits. how often does it happen that somebody is a silent commit for more than one school?
I haven’t come across it in six years covering UCLA. But if I do, I think I would work very hard to write it.

Is the torn cartilage in Bobo’s knee a new injury? Is there any indication that this may have been holding him back last season?
I think it was something that bothered him time and again during the season, but it was not the reason he wasn’t playing. I don’t think it was holding him back last season.

We’ve heard very little about Andy Keene or Jake Dean this spring. Where are they in the depth chart? Do you think that either or both will contribute this season?
Jake Dean is the backup center, which means he is one play away from being the starter. As for Keane, I don’t see him playing this season. I think if he does become part of the defensive tackle rotation, it would mean UCLA suffered a lot of injuries.

With the game against Auburn falling through, could you ask Dan G. or Coach RN if they can look into scheduling a game in San Antonio versus a Big 12 school (Texas A&M, Okla. St., or Missouri). Thanks.
It really isn’t up to Dan Guerrero or Rick Neuheisel. ESPN/ABC was trying to put the game together, and they couldn’t come up with a matchup. Plus, the teams you mentioned would have to want to play another high-profile game, and they may not want to. After all, Neuheisel didn’t want to play Georgia Tech in the Georgia Dome.

Having seen the new Pauley sketches, do you think the planners will focus more on creating a true homecourt advantage (i.e. Mac Court’s layout) or will it just go the stale, corporate-friendly route (new Yankee Stadium)?
I think the home court advantage is based on a fan’s desire to cheer and make it tough for the other team. However, I don’t think the new designs will bring the seats close enough to the court to make it feel as if the fans are right on top of the court.

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  • lavsmousse

    The fact we are thin at DT and Keane still doesn’t figure to get PT without a lot of injuries occurring shows how little the coaches think of his abilities. Since hes a Junior, perhaps hes one of the candidates to transfer out to free up a scholi?