Freshman running back Milton Knox, receiving the majority of his carries with the third team, looked impressive, even drawing comparisons to a certain other dimunitive back from Westwood.
“I take all the running backs, all the great ones – Barry Sanders, Emmitt Smith, even Maurice Jones-Drew – and put in my flavor with it,” Knox said. “(Jones-Drew and I) have similar styles, both short, both run low to the ground. We run hard.”
Knox certainly did on Friday, gaining 48 yards on eight carries to lead the Bruins. On one play, Knox was buried five yards behind the line, but slipped the tackle and turned it into a three-yard gain.
“You don’t get many reps, but you have to fight when you get them,” Knox said. “You have to live up to them. Today was the first day I felt comfortable. I wasn’t thinking that much.”

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  • Anonymous

    PLEASE play him. Start Coleman and put Knox second. He was ridiculous in high school, and it appeared from the get-go IMO that he’d be the most talented of all our current running backs.

  • Ryan

    Did anyone else see the scrimmage stats???!!!!!!!!!! Prince was 5 of 19 for 55 yards and two picks!!! What is that???!!!

  • Johnny Angel

    Very cool. Rock on Milton!

    Thanks for filling in, Jon.

  • MaltBaa

    i hope all of our running backs look good against the THIRD TEAM!!! this is almost not even newsworthy. btw, how did the first team running back do? who was it? all that was said about the scrimmage was they lookd tired or whatever. something else must have happened. never take dohn for granted

  • 13-9

    Great scrimmage updates Jon, I felt like I was there.

  • Sal C

    5-19 means that the defense is really good. It could mean Prince stinks. It could mean the O-Line stinks. It can be taken a number of different ways. Spring practice is the place to improve upon your mistakes. Take it easy, he hasn’t played football for awhile. Get off the ledge.