• doug4ucla

    I live in Kansas City and felt bad for him. The thing in KC was strange and I could never understand what was going on…..Then CARL PETERSON was around and everything he did was STRANGE.

  • BruinJigs

    I just don’t understand how he was bale to make it in the league. I may be ignorant on the issue, but I would guess that Kicker is the easiest position to scout.

    If he can do it in college, he should be able to do in the NFL. Medlock was one of the best the year he came out, I just do not understand how he wasn’t able to get the job one, especially playing in a dome at St. Louis.

  • RodneyGuillory

    Good find – thanks, Dohn.

  • lavsmousse

    Justin was a good PK, but he didnt have the leg to put the ball into the end zone regularly on kickoffs. Pro teams want leg strength as well as accuracy.

  • J

    Its not uncommon for kickers to do this. He will continue to develop and be back in the league in a couple of years.