Osaar Rasshan’s future

One of the most curious things happening during spring practice is the lack of participation by senior quarterback Osaar Rasshan.
Most of his time is spent watching practice, rather than participating in it, but it was something he expected. Before spring practice began, Rasshan was told he would not factor into the quarterback situation.
Rasshan said the coaching staff asked him to play special teams, and he declined.
“But they never really came at me hard,” Rasshan said. “I appreciate them being honest, and telling me what they expected out of me, and they informed me that I wouldn’t see any reps during the spring.”
Rasshan, who started three games at quarterback in 2007, said he wants to stick it out.
“I didn’t, and I still don’t plan on quitting,” Rasshan said. “I’m a Bruin. I couldn’t see myself anywhere else. I’ve been through a lot here, and I still feel optimistic about getting a chance to play.”

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  • BruinJigs

    I saw Osaar in a white #11 jersey during Friday’s scrimmage. I guess I was a bit premature in assuming that meant he would move to WR.

    I hope we find a way for him to get on the field, whether is be a special package(wildcat?), or as the coaches suggest, special teams.

  • UB (Ultimate Bruin)


    I appreciate your loyalty, but barring 4 QBs getting injured, you won’t see PT at QB. I do beleive you have good athletic talent. It is a shame to see you waste it but stubbornly holding on to the notion that you will QB UCLA. I can see you doing some very good things as a wide out or in the slot.

  • Marko

    since UCLA is providing a scholarship (something I wish I had coming out of high school) for playing football,it bothers me he doesn’t play on special teams or receiver. I understand him early on wanting to stay at quarterback, but now it appears to be unfair to UCLA

  • PowderKegBlue

    Why would the coaching staff “come at him hard?” This has been a recurring story for the past 2 seasons, if he was going to change he would have by now.

    And UB, with all due respect to Coach Palcic and the OLine, after last season I wouldn’t think having 4 QBs hurt would be that far out of the realm of possibility. But if it got to that point, we should just run the Wildcat 100% of the time…

  • Anon

    Is he really being unreasonable in expecting to have some chance to play QB this year in the case of injuries? For example, assume Brehaut doesn’t win the starter’s job and redshirts (or shadow reshirts by not playing until we see how the season goes), Crissman never gets healthy, Forcier completes either the position switch or transfers. Isn’t Osaar 3rd string from the get-go in that case behind Prince and Craft? Am I missing someone? We’ve certainly seen third stringers get playing time before because of injuries and blowouts. I’m not saying the odds are high, but it’s not like the chances are so low we would threaten to cut him or anything like that.

  • Anonymous

    Two comments:

    1. Looks like a good candidate to not have his scholarship renewed if they need it for another player.

    2. My dad told me when I played baseball and the coach asked me what position I played to respond, “Anywhere you need me, coach, but I prefer shortstop.”

    I played third base.

  • Anonymous

    Why is he the only player that doesn’t get any reps? I have been to practice a few times and I just don’t understand why they can’t find a way to have him throw to someone. Why don’t they make some use for him? Why don’t they mentor him to coach some day instead of just standing around practice? Keep your head up Osaar and get your degree!

  • mike chat

    well, No matter what happens, Osaar has been a class act in my book. I remember the fall scrimmage. Afterwards he took the time out and actually called my 2 sons over to talk to them. He was a polite, well spoken and very quality individual. I just wish somehow he can contibute someway this year.

  • Mark

    Osaar needs to be realistic. He is on scholarship. If the coach asks him to play another position then he needs to do it or have his scholarship revoked. He is a huge waste of talent and his father has given him very poor advice.

  • El Cajon Bruin

    I don’t see what one’s position has to do with playing special teams. Every player should play special teams, if asked.

  • osezno

    From what I understand only Oklahoma and Florida have Heisman winning quarterbacks taking snaps this coming season. It’s not out of the question that he could become QB1.

  • rejn

    Brian – Why is Rasshan still on the team? If the coaches think his value to the TEAM is at a certain position, and he does not act accordingly, even if it is not his preference, why do they still cater to the guy? I’m sure there’s a walk-on who is much more deserving of Rasshan’s scholorship then Rasshan is. Sad. Too bad the guy just doesn’t get it. On the other hand, maybe there’s another reason/issue not worth getting into…

  • Anonymous

    He still has a chance at seeing playing time if the OL can’t protect the QB. Who here thinks we’ll have a healthy starting QB all year? Who here thinks we’ll have a healthy backup QB all year? … and so forth

  • Hiero

    Part of Osaar’s predictament goes back to 2007 when the Bruins lost their QBs and he was sitting on the sidelines stuck between playing receiver for the benefit of the team and losing his ability to play QB. The Bruins ended up starting a walk-on QB and Osaar was left in nowheresville.

    So, I can see what he is reluctant to go to WR and get into the situation where he sees no PT and then gets ruled out on any possiblity of playing at QB. Osaar still has the puncher’s chance of playing QB.

    Just my two cents

  • Anonymous

    if he sees time at qb, then we will have had cataclysmic, apocalyptic, armageddonatronic occurrences to the team, so the world will come to an end and it wont matter what position u want to play.

    pls do the smart thing and change positions or even transfer. we want whats best for ya man.

  • VB

    Is he praying for a catastrophic disease to collectively strike all 4 QBs in front of him so he can stink up the field like he did last year when he had his shot? The guy needs to stop being selfish and should just help the team in whatever way he can rather than the way he wishes to. As far as I’m concerned, his scholarship should be revoked for his refusal to participate. HORRIBLE!

  • gerry4ucla

    That’s tho toughest thing to do. Standing at the sideline watching other QBs taking their snaps..not really being part of the team, Day after day…putting on the practice jersey and knowing full well that it would never get dirty or sitting in meetings and being ignored

    It’s heart breaking

  • ArtV

    I hate Norm Chow for not giving this guy some plays. Last year, Norm stuck with Craft who is terrible. There is no way you can tell me that Ossar would not have helped us. Ossar is an athlete and with ZERO OL and no good WR’s OSSAR would have been a great kid draw up at least a few plays for. I GUARANTEE Ucla would have beat Notre Dame at Ucla if we had played Ossar instead of the walk-on. So freaking stupid.

    Norm and Rick can’t think out of the box. This is what is killing us. We should be all over that kid Jesse???QB from LA area. NOooooooo, we don’t even have an offer out to him. Rick and Norm are afraid of a big strong kid with a big arm who can run and throw with accuracy. Norm and Rick like those idiot, slow, big, pocket passers. Whatevea.

  • Anonymous

    hey artv, didnt ossar lose it two notre dame games ago? my memory is jacked up, but i did go to a notre dame game at the rose bowl, and it was so traumatizing that i cant remember who the qb was. all i remember is that everyone was cheering cuz $c lost during our game.

    the coaches know ossar has nothing for us at qb. he should listen to their wisdom and switch positions or transfer to play qb at a blah shool.